3 Tips for Car Rentals

3 Tips for Car Rentals
In this blog, I'm going to tell you 3 things you need to know before you go rent a car for a road trip and I'd like to thank Dynastar one for giving me the idea of making this video and hang on to the end of the blog I'm going to give you some extra tips about taking road trips.
 Tip number one make sure you have unlimited miles on your car rental some companies charge you if you go out of state some companies say you can only go so many miles a day make sure you have unlimited miles so that you don't get hit with extra charges at the end of your trip and
 number two is the extras they will want to charge you for a GPS if you want to rent one a car seat insurance and it's probably a whole bunch more than other companies have there are a plethora of different extras the only one I ever really look at is the insurance because if you don't already have dental insurance through like your current car insurance or your homeowner's insurance you might want to seriously look at getting current or the rental insurance because if you get in a wreck you're the one responsible for everything you're responsible for the rental car and any property damage that you do.
 number three is GPS if you already have one well then you don't need a GPS do you use your smartphone I don't like to use a smartphone for GPS that's my preference I've been steered wrong with Google Maps a couple of times and it cost me extra time with Google Maps so I prefer to have my GPS if you're going on like a long trip that's like two weeks or a month-long you might want to look at Best Buy go get a cheap $100.00 Garmin you're going to keep that Garmin forever and it's going to be about the same price you don't always need to rent a GPS you finally rent your car.
if you have any other suggestions or apps or any questions on rental cars for big road trips feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you I appreciate you watching the blog and. I hope you found these tips to be helpful and if you're one of my new subscribers welcome I appreciate you coming if you want to see more blogs like this go ahead and click that Link car rental geneva airport and swiss chauffeur service check out the blogs on mine.
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