3 Best Mercedes Luxury Limousines

Mercedes Luxury Limousine

We all know that Mercedes stands for luxury. People buy vehicles that have this emblem if they want to drive uxorious cars and feel like real kings. German automotive giant has made this name creating cars that are out of this world for more than 100 years. Limousine renting agencies have recognized this and nowadays, if you’re in a limousine business, you pretty much won’t make a mistake if you pick Mercedes for the official vehicle of your fleet.

Now, chances are that you aren’t really familiar with the best vehicles from Mercedes which are made to be limousines. Don’t feel down. If you would ask a random guy on the street to tell you what type of Mercedes a particular car is, we bet that he wouldn’t know. It’s because Mercedes has dozens of different car types and a naming scheme which isn’t always straightforward. Therefore, in this article, we’ll list 4 best Mercedes luxury limousines which you should keep an eye on if you want to enrich your limousine fleet.

S class

The Mercedes S class has always been the crown of the German automotive giant. While other vehicle types from Mercedes such as A, B or C class are amazing, they often lack some part of luxury respectively. When we’re talking about S class, you won’t see this car lacking anything. S class is the most expensive Mercedes class and depending on the trim level, the price can go over 200 thousand euros. 

Take s650 for an example. It’s a car that many limousines renting agencies offer to their customers as it’s luxurious, it makes your jaw drop when you see it and it just makes the impression that anyone who is on the back seat is someone influential. This road cruiser has everything one could need and its back seats are precisely made for driving business clientele around. In other cars, manufacturers focus on the feel the driver has, and thus, back passengers are often neglected. In the S class, you won’t have to worry about anything. Special climate zone for each back passenger, champagne freezer, curtains if you’re feeling too hot and adjustable suspension of your part of the vehicle are just some of the premium features S class offers. Add to this that under the hood you have a roaring 300+ HP engine that’s as quiet as it gets and all we can say is that you won’t make a mistake if you end up getting an S class for your fleet.


Maybach was a stand-alone car manufacturer that went out of business in the 1940s. Eventually, in 2003, Mercedes bought Maybach and revived their name. Firstly, what they wanted to accomplish is to create a competitor to Rolce-Royce and Bentley. It was a huge flop. Basically, the first Maybach cars were essentially a regular S class from Mercedes that has a little bit more to it and an enormous price tag. It just wasn’t worth the extra price you’re paying for, let’s be real, a typical S class.

But, times have changed and people at Maybach step up their game. Mercedes basically let them do their job. Maybach still uses Mercedes S class as their template car but they upgrade it so it’s unimaginably luxurious. If you thought S class was looking awesome and that it was packed with accessories and luxurious details, wait until you see the Maybach vehicles. They are, and we aren’t even exaggerating, pretty much twice more luxurious than the regular S class. Maybach S650 for an example that has been unveiled last year has become a staple when it comes to luxurious vehicles. We can’t really even say how many features it has, all we’ll say is that it has bullet resistance. If you want to learn more about Maybach vehicles, check on Youtube to see how these cars look like or just on the official Maybach website.

V Class

If you haven’t guessed it, the V in the V class stands for the “Van”. Now, we know what you must be thinking. How can a wan be luxurious and why would someone pick it over S class. Vans indeed can be luxurious and V class from Mercedes is the equivalent S class, but just for vans. V class is packed with everything - and a bit more than S class. First of all, more people can drive in it which is the key aspect because someone buys it. While in S class, 4 passengers are optimal, the V class can carry up to 6-8 passengers depending on the model. 

Inside of the V class is where things get interesting. Each seat is highly adjustable and doesn’t be amazed by the fact that some V class vehicles have seats that have a “horizontal” setting which lets its passengers basically put their seats into a sleeping position, like a bed. There’s always ambient lighting inside so you’ll have a good nap while riding in the V class. Apart from that, there are other features such as independent climate zones, empowered speaks, TVs in front of every seat, and so on. V class is truly remarkable, especially for longer journeys and if you need to drive more than 4 persons. 

What To Pick?

To answer the question of what vehicle to pick - you’ll really have to think what your needs are. S class is a great standalone limousine and over 90% of limo agencies pick it as their main driver, including EdelSwiss. Maybach is if you want even more than S class and if you want your clientele to have a drive of their lifetime. V class is if you have more customers at one time and you need to transfer them from one place to another. All in all, if you pick a vehicle from Mercedes, we guarantee that you won’t make a mistake. More than 100 years of history is there to prove this point. 

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