123-reg breaking customers website contact forms, ftp access and smtp services

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If you use 123-reg for hosting, ftp and smtp, it might b worthwhile checking that your services are operating as expected. 

The first issue I encountered was being unable to access website files via FTP - despite successfully doing this only days beforehand. I contact 123-reg and was advised that their hosting services had been migrated to a new platform, and I'd have to alter the ftp url, username and password I was using. 

Next, days later, my client called saying she was receiving reports from customers that her website contact form wasn't working. I got back in touch with 123-reg again and, despite them initially saying no changes had been made, I was told to use a new smtp host (relay hosting) and port number (25) in my .NET code for the contact form.

A few days later, my client calls again saying that people aren't receiving her emails when she replies to their emails on her mob. When attempting to login to her webmail url, her password had suddenly become invalid. Again, it'd been working fine only a few days ago. Password reset. 

I find it shocking that 123-reg keep fiddling with things, adversely effecting the operations of their users website. with little or no communication.

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