12 Things to Know Before Choosing a Locksmith in Seattle


When it comes to hiring a locksmith in Seattle, there are misunderstandings and misrepresentations of what they are capable of. A lot of myths might already be known to you about the locksmith. For instance, people believe that the locksmith, while making duplicate keys, keeps such copies with them or can use a hairpin to break into any home. However, all such things are far from reality.


 It is now time that all these myths are dumbed. It will be best to follow the right process to ensure the locksmith you have hired is rightly placed, giving them recognition for their outstanding services and quality work. However, there are certain things you need to know before you call a locksmith-Seattle to help with your property's locking and security needs.

Things to know before hiring a locksmith


1.      Not all locksmiths possess the same skills


There is a myth that you can call any locksmith for any locksmith services. But you must know that most locksmith provides particular services specialize in a particular area. Experience and training in all the areas, not all locksmiths have the same.


2.      It is better to wait until morning before calling a locksmith


Locksmiths, like any other service provider, values their time. In some instances, they will offer emergency services like lockout services for vehicle or home. However, their charges during emergencies are significantly higher. Therefore, if possible, it is better to wait until morning as you can save a considerable amount.


3.      Different locksmith have different pricing


While calling a locksmith-Seattle, you might have already noticed that they are very passionate about their work and the services they offer to the community. Most of the businesses or locksmiths do not like competition. For price reduction, there is very little chance.  Additionally, most locksmith in Seattle will not negotiate their pricing and will give you the price front. In case you find someone ready to offer you a considerable discount, you must know the reason behind it.


4.      The locksmith industry is blooming


The locksmith industry is old fashion, one with very few customers needing the services. However, a study revealed that the industry is likely to see a 12% search in the upcoming year. The reason behind the growth is more and more people willing to make their property secured. But, as the locksmith business is passed on from one generation to another, it isn't easy to find a qualified locksmith in some areas.


5.      Locksmiths are taking a step towards biometrics


You might have seen movies where the star, just with his eyes, can gain access to a building or room. Do you think it's far from reality? Think again! Biometrics like fingerprint and retina scans are getting popular. This simply means that it has become a lot easier for individuals to get such high-grade technologies for their home and business securities. In fact, many locksmiths in Seattle have already been implementing this technology.


6.      A good lock with duplicate any key


There are some keys with imprints "do not duplicate" on them. This is made to convey the locksmith not to duplicate a key. It is because of this reason that the consumers might feel a need for connecting with the car manufacturers or the associated key manager for getting a new key. Moreover, it is used to ensure the need to replace the entire locking system in some cases. However, this is not true. You can find some skilled locksmith in Seattle who can duplicate just any type of key.


7.      You need not have to go to a car dealership


It is unnecessary to contact your car dealer and pay huge fees to get a duplicate key. You can find some highly skilled automotive locksmith in Seattle who can help you get a transponder key. Using the radio waves, the key can open the door from a distance. In fact, they can start the vehicle. Some locksmith can provide you an alternative option without having to contact a dealership for the job.


8.      A less desirable locksmith just drill and replace


The lock system will be drilled and replaced, by some of the companies. However, a truly licensed, skilled, and professional organization will never do this. In most cases, the professionals will try repairing first and then replace the lock if required. However, some of they would also try to give in best for keeping your cost low by ensuring to repair the existing lock.


9.      A skilled locksmith undergo an apprenticeship


Some people might consider apprenticeship quite old fashion. However, most of the locksmith learn to work with existing locksmith shops. This helps them acquire skills from more professional and qualified ones, which no locksmithing course can educate them. Moreover, it also a key indicator of well-qualified and skilled individuals.


10.  Only a locksmith should install deadbolts 


Deadbolts undoubtedly are a highly complex and essential component of security. Most of the homes have them installed at their front door. Even though there are options available for a property owner to install their deadbolt, it is always advisable to call a professional. This is because deadbolts required some skills for proper installation, ensuring the level of protection they are designed for.


11.  A trusted locksmith will never keep key copies


You might have this idea that the locksmith you reach out to will have a copy of the key that you have lost. But in reality, it is not the truth. Most of the trustworthy locksmith in Seattle never keeps any type of key copies or any form of keys they make. If you wish to get a new key, one key will be required to be brought to get it replicated. In case you don't have won, the locksmith can come over to your place and use a blank key to crafting a new one.


12.  Locksmiths are security professionals


You might call a locksmith when you need to make a new key. However, you can even ask the locksmith to tell you about the different ways you can improve your home security. Some of them will guide you to excellent Security system options and help you find effective ways of protecting your family. You can always rely on them to get the right suggestions.




Choosing a locksmith in Seattle is relatively easy. Keeping in all the things mentioned above will help you make the right decision. A right locksmith organization will be highly reliable and trustworthy. 


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