Design is a journey of experiments, inventions, and creativity. It is the replication of your imagination and your perspective towards things. It is mandatory to pay close attention to UI/UX design if you want your application to be successful.

1. Responsive layout design
You should focus on the layout and dimensions. Everything matters while designing the layout. Make sure while creating it you focus on dimensions and check how it will look in a variety of devices.

2. Simple and basic
Always make sure that your design is simple and easy to understand. You should never create a design that is too complicated or never put too many buttons on the very first page, it will look very confusing for the user to understand and they might ignore and back out from the application.

3. Personalization
Designers should always keep in mind who your target audience is their needs and preferences, what age type you want to target etc. It should also match with the operating system and can be functional across various platforms and devices.

4. Color synchronization
Using the right color combination is very important for your application to stand out. If you make it too colorful sometimes it can look silly and people might look at it in a professional way and might ignore it or don’t trust it. Always try to understand what type of color combo will suit your website, for example, if you have an application that is related to jewelry but if you will use unnecessary graphics or color that does not go with the website at all might mislead users.

5. Keep column info short
Suppose if you have a clothing business application and your business carries various types of fabric material and to explain the material you have created different columns then you should always keep it short and useless complicated language. If you use a huge paragraph to explain each column the buyer might get bored of it or get distracted and instead of buying they might get bored and exit.

6. Font style and sizing
Using correct fonts is also very important. For example, if you are creating an application for selling medicines online and if you use modern or curvy fancy fonts, users might think the application is not trustable or it might look cheap because different fonts have different feels and you should try to understand how to use fonts correctly. Using too many fonts at a time is also not suggested.

7. Draining less battery life
Users always like an application that can be used for a longer period and also drain less battery at the same time. Keep the loading capacity of the application less for a smoother experience for the user which will also drain less battery.

8. Testing
Testing is mandatory before launching an application. Rather than testing it by yourself let other real users test your application. This process will make it easier for you to understand what changes need to be done and get real feedback and helps your application to not flop after launching.

9. Image quality and popular iconography
There are some icons that are similar and used by almost every other designer and users are familiar. Standard icons such as “What’s New,” “Search,” and “Getting Started”, some of the functions users are familiar with, and using these will help users to not feel lost. Using clear and high definition images is recommended, using low-quality images ruins the impression of your application and makes it look cheap.

10. Keeping an eye on a new trend
As a designer, it is very important to keep an eye on new trend updates. While keeping your application familiar for the audience, there would always be new technologies and trends coming your way. It will help in maintaining your application and keep it updated following new trends and technologies.

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