10 Must-Have Features In Your WhatsApp Clone Script

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Text messages were the form of communication before the era of instant messaging apps. They were sent through the mobile SMS packs and had a certain character limit, less deliverability rate and extra charges for customers when the character limit exceeds. There was a need for a free instant messaging app to connect with or to everyone. WhatsApp arrived at the scene as a one to one messaging app. Soon it developed into a multiple content sharing spot where users can send photos, videos, notes, documents and much more through the app. Create group chats with multiple people to interact with all. Following the success of WhatsApp, a plethora of instant messaging apps followed suit such as Hike, WeChat, Line, and many more. As of now, it is estimated that around 80 per cent of the world’s population uses instant messaging apps in their smartphones. These instant messaging apps also rake in profits for entrepreneurs who need to create and develop an app like WhatsApp.

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