1 Ink Printed Paper - The Market of Opportunities

The possibilities offered by the 1-ink printed paper
Given the constant fluctuation of prices in the thermal paper market, perhaps it is time to consider the opportunity to switch to 1-ink printed paper.

Although it is true that the consumption of some businesses in receipt paper is not significant, for businesses in which thermal paper is one more expense in the bills of the month it may be a medium-term investment to change their conventional thermal rolls for paper printed with 1 ink.

The quality-price ratio of this type of thermal paper is proportional to the number of rolls that we normally spend. For example, for a small grocery store where 5 rolls of paper can be used every 6 months, using 1-ink printed paper may not be a good choice. However, for small and medium-sized supermarkets that have been spending 60 - 100 rolls of paper in half a year, the use of customized paper rolls can be a very effective way to reach your customers and take advantage of the advertising showcase that it can represent.

Regarding the advertising use of the back of the ticket, we can say that it is the formula that has the most roots in common consumers of 1-ink printed paper. The publication of offers, bonuses, discounts, or any other promotion, whether from the company itself or from a third party, is a clear example of adaptation to current business circumstances.

Printing vouchers or discounts for our own customers is a perfect form of loyalty since in this way we are inviting them to return to our establishment and take advantage of the discounts that we give them on the backs of the printed paper.

As a last tip, 1-ink printed paper is the ideal support for our company logo, as well as the perfect place to inform about our conditions of sale, return, and any reference to guarantees or technical service.

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