Zarema's resignation from "Spartak": what it was and what threatens the club.

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Zarema Salikhova's announcement of her resignation from the Spartak board of directors just three weeks after her appointment due to her disagreement "with the choice of the head coach for the team, with the procedure for approving the candidacy and the club's transfer plan" calmly accepted inside the club. It is clear that the news probably caused ambiguous, let's say, feelings of the owner of the red and white Leonid Fedun,  pinup  to whom Mrs. Salikhova got the opportunity to influence the processes and entered the SD. Especially considering that May 21 was a landmark date - the birthday of the father of the chairman of the Soviet Union Arnold Antonovich, who died on March 16 this year. But on the whole, the majority of Spartak employees took what happened exactly.

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