You can have the best VPS hosting in the world

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You can have the best VPS hosting in the world

You can have the best VPS hosting in the world that if you later have a poorly made website, for example, a website with non-optimized images, with huge file sizes, everything will go to waste too.

So here you have to do things right both, you on your website and the hosting on your side.

Technical support

Technical support is one of the most underrated benefits in hosting contracts. I see that people pay a lot of attention to things that don't give them anything like unlimited disk space, for example, and they don't value something as important as well as technical support enough.

There are many small tasks and incidents that can be complicated for you, making you lose hours and hours and that good support will solve you in a second.

And when you have a little visibility, you will see that you will also "grow dwarfs" with attacks on your website, etc. At that time you definitely cannot do without a good technical team to solve these situations.

Again, in an excessively cheap hosting, it is impossible to have support to match. And we are talking about personnel costs, that is, the salaries of good technicians, compared to the machines are expensive. It is impossible that hosting for € 3 a month can offer good machines and on top of it good support, the accounts do not come out. That simple

As for the support pathways, these three are typical:

An online support chat.

Support via phone.

Support via ticket system, but with maximum response times for support tickets of less than 1 hour.

After years of experience, personally, the most important option for me is the ticket system.

The reason is simple: it is the most efficient if the support is good. The phone wastes a lot of time because only trivial issues you can expect to be solved immediately. And for things that are not fixed instantly, the phone and even more the chat are more difficult than helpful because you have to let the technicians work.

For this, it is much more efficient to describe the problem precisely on the ticket and wait for them to solve it without you “looking over your shoulder” at them.

And here is an important tip: take advantage of the warranty period and try the support.

As I said, support is the most sensitive part of hosting, this is where you will best see if you have a bad or good hosting on your hands.

And doing it is very simple: even if you don't really need it, simply asking a “silly question” or a slightly more complex task, even if you already know how to do it. For example, they explain how to create a second WordPress installation in a subfolder and with a subdomain.

This way you will have a feeling of how they work and if you are not convinced you will be in time to claim your money back.

Additional support for WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop

The vast majority of users who want to create a website, be it a blog with WordPress, a website based on Joomla, an online store with Prestashop, a training site based on Moodle or any other type of website you can imagine, do not they have technical knowledge.

This with conventional hosting can be a problem because, although all the hostings (except the free services) have a technical support service, it does not cover those things that are strictly out of the hosting problem.

That is, they will help you with things like the correct configuration of a domain, an attack on your website, problems with the email of your domain, etc.

However, if you have errors or other problems that are specific to the application, for example, the famous "white screen of death" after the installation of a plugin with errors in WordPress that no longer allows you to access the administration of your blog, in that case, they will not help you.

For this reason, if you don't have a good technical base, I recommend hiring a service that also has additional support for popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop. With support like this you will have everything covered, any problem that arises you can solve it and that will give you a lot of peace of mind and save you a lot of time wasted on this type of thing.

That is another of the compelling reasons why Webempresa is my No. 1 recommendation because it is the few affordable hostings that offer such a service and, furthermore, at a “thrown” price if you compare it with comparable alternatives such as WPEngine, for example.

Disk space, SSD disks and unlimited space lie

In the user experience, I have observed that one of the criteria that they value the most is disk space.

If they see an offer at the same price with 1Gb of space versus another with 10Gb of space, they tend to automatically judge the former as the best option. Big mistake because things are not so simple.

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