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Windows and Hardware for Windows 


Windows made of wood 

We create windows made from oak, larch, pine, and spruce, as well as the exotic meranti tree, which we cover with a robotically applied finish. You have a large range of natural finish colours and topcoats to pick from.

Controlled paint layer drying is another aspect that contributes to our wooden windows' resilience. This regulated paint drying method, when combined with the exact workmanship, ensures a long service life for the product. 

The excellent thermal insulating characteristics complement the structures' low-energy or passive standards.

The efficacy of wooden windows has been proved over hundreds, if not thousands, of years of use, and they will also add a touch of nature into your home. Their remarkable thermal insulating characteristics set them apart.

We provide WD REAL 78 and WD PREMIUM 92 profiles in a variety of frame design depths, each of which has an impact on heat and sound insulation. The entire building is made of wood and has kept its form. Workmanship is flawless. 


Surface finish that is very durable and has been robotically applied, as well as a controlled drying process.

There is a wide range of natural finish colours to choose from, all of which are low-maintenance. 

Double or triple glazing options are available (standard glazing, sound-insulating glazing, safety glazing, solar gain, solar attenuation, etc.).

Fitted with either the Austrian MACO® MULTI-MATICC top-quality hardware line, which has two safety points and counter-pieces on each wing, or the unique MACO® MULTI-POWER line, which has invisible hinges hidden between the frame and wing.


Wooden windows are custom-made to match your particular structure. To meet your demands, you may request any form, configuration, or size. The windows are equipped with top-of-the-line MACO or SIEGENIA hardware from Austria.


We use a variety of carefully prepared woods to create our wooden windows. Each wood species has its own thermal insulating qualities and, of course, aesthetics - the form, colour, and density of the growth rings varies depending on the direction of wood cutting.

By choosing a glaze or topcoat, you may change the hue. The usage values, service life, and product price of the wood you choose are all determined by the wood you choose.



This is the most often used wood type for windows, as evidenced by many years of experience. It is a kind of Soft wood, modern and slightly tinted having 450 kg/m3 density


For the construction of wooden windows, the finest quality, most durable wood is used. The wood is dense and has a distinctive texture. There is no distinction between radial and tangential cuts. It has a density of 900 kg/m3.



Wood with a clean grain and a little reddish hue that is highly durable. Although the wood is tough to deal with, the window will survive a long time, which has a density of 700 kg/m3.

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