Why Urdu Islamic Books Are Treasure Chests of Sacred Knowledge

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Islamic Books can be found in a number of languages including Arabic, Persian, English and Urdu. Urdu books are read by natives of the Indian subcontinent, as it is the official language of Pakistan. zakat-ul-fitr As this region has a Muslim majority, most Islamic books are translated for the people of this region. In addition to the translated versions, many Islamic writers have passes through time in this area, whose work is well renowned throughout the world.

Some Islamic Books authors that are famous for their written work include: Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Syed Muhammad Zakir Hussain, Muhammad Karam Shah AlAzhari, Ahmed Deen Chishti, Shah Wali ullah Dehalvi, Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. Ghulam Murtaza.

All these authors are acclaimed for their Islamic Books on various aspects of Islamic religion and the way of life preached by Islam. They have thousands of books in print and are read by readers all over the world. These famous authors are the cream of writers in Urdu language and have produced classic words for their readers that entertain and inform them.

Islamic Books in Urdu can be found in bookstores all over Pakistan as well as online at various book websites. Most famous author's books are also available at Islamic book stores in USA and UK, as there are a large number of Urdu readers residing in those countries. In addition to books written in Pakistan and India, many scholars have translated famous

Arabic Islamic Books into Urdu to reach a large target audience. These famous books include books about the advent of Islam in the Arab world, the pillars of Islam including Hajj, Fasting, Namaz, Zakat, as well as life stories of many prophets, their teaching as well as their companions and followers.

A good source to find a great collection of Islamic books in Pakistan is Urdu Bazaar. There is a large amount of book stores that carry books in this language ranging from topics about life, arts, culture,

literature, history, politics and so on. This place is indeed a book heaven for books and Islamic books are no exception. Many major book stores based in Urdu Bazaar now also have online stores, providing their customers the ease of shopping from their huge inventories from the comfort of their own homes across the globe.

It would be an even bigger advantage if eBooks were available in Urdu. This would be a dream come true for Urdu lovers as they will then have access to still more books giving them a wider choice of topics and authors to choose from. As eBooks are gaining popularity in the USA and UK,

many Pakistani Americans and British nationals have given words to the thoughts of producing eBooks their home language. With multi-lingual software easily available worldwide, creating eBooks in Urdu should not be a hardship at all.

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