Why Should We Choose VOIP Over Analog Calls?

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A technology that makes voice calls using a broadband internet connection than using the regular (analog) phone line service is called VOIP ( Voice over internet protocol). Putting simply, it is a method of placing and receiving a phone call over the internet. Many people consider VoIP as the better alternative to the local telephone service.


It is sure the advancement of phone call technology, although it isn’t all that new, because we already had digital phone line services since the 90s. However, VoIP is a cost-effective affair to handle those unlimited calls. To avail of the VoIP services, you only need an internet connection. The VoIP solutions run on any computer, as they had built on many years of open standards. 


The traditional way of calling requires extra wiring to make more calls. Also, in analog calling, you must have other’s phone number to establish a call. While, some of the VoIP services may allow you to call anyone who has a telephone number inclusive of- local Mobile, long-distance, and international numbers. Furthermore, with a VoIP adapter, you can connect to your traditional phone.  


Benefits of VoIP-


High-quality sound

Lower cost

Remote ready

Call anyone worldwide

Embedded with advanced features


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