Why Is Insoluble Sulphur Important For The Rubber Industry?

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Insoluble sulphur is a sulphur polymer, it is insoluble in CS2 which makes it a good rubber vulcanizing agent. It is one of the most common and most important elements in the rubber industries. Not just insoluble sulphur acts as an rubber additive agent but it also helps the rubber manufacturers to create high quality products with better resistance to both the ageing and fatigue.  

Apart from being marked as the best vulcanizing agent, insoluble sulphur is used to create tires, rubber pipes, cabelas, wire insulation, shoes, latex, automobile rubber parts, etc. Insoluble sulphur also shows the non-blooming characteristics, which makes it the majorly used element when manufacturing radial rubber or synthetic rubber products. Still wondering why insoluble sulphur is widely used in the rubber industry?

Here are the applications of insoluble sulphur

Insoluble sulphur is used to eliminate the surface bloom in the rubber manufacturing. By adding it to the rubber mixture insoluble sulphur gets evenly distributed, however it does not go into the solution. At the end of the distribution of insoluble sulphur remains the same and migration does not occur.Insoluble sulphur does not react before the curing temperatures are reached. At lower temperatures it simply remains suspended as a solid suspended by the rubber, until the vulcanizing temperature reaches.


Insoluble sulphur is the desired curing agent in the rubber industry. Usually it is kept dispersed in the oil, eliminating the risk of conversion and at times it can still be used as the curing agent.


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