Why Hire a Licensed Electrician? Tips Every Homeowner Should Know!

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Why Hire a Licensed Electrician? Tips Every Homeowner Should Know!

These days we all are looking for ways to save money in the most clever and creative ways possible. We become DIYers, we call Dad, we call our buddy with a garage full of tools and ask for help after we’ve gotten sticker shock by an estimate on work we need to be done. We say “For that price, I’ll learn how to do it!”

There are many home projects that you can definitely take on, no doubt about it. But when it comes to doing work on your homes electrical system is really another story. Some mistakes can cost you more to fix than if you would have paid for a professional electrician in the first place. And "yes" it does happen...we've had 2 calls just this week due to some wonderfully motivated DIYers, who are now wishing they had not done it themselves. So consider your safety and your pocketbook and pick up the phone before you pick up your tools. Here are some other reasons why you should hire a licensed electrician.


Why hire a licensed electrician- Safety

Safety is a real concern. Between 2010 and 2014, U.S. municipal fire departments responded to an average of 45,210 home structure fires involving electrical failure or malfunction. These fires caused annual averages of 420 civilian deaths, 1,370 civilian injuries, and $1.4 billion in property damage.

All licensed electricians must meet their state requirements of taking continuing education classes in order to stay up to date on current code changes and safety reminders. The safety of your home means the safety of your loved ones including the four-legged ones.

Prior to hiring any company, be sure to verify that the company holds a current electrical license. It will literally take 1 or 2 minutes of your time and may alleviate a lot of headache in the future. Simply visit www.ncbeec.org and choose "find a licensed contractor". Then just type in the company name to view their credentials. Take note of the licensing level as well. Many companies only hold a "limited" or perhaps "intermediate" license level, but "unlimited" is the highest level that can be earned in our trade, as it requires substantially more knowledge and experience. If you're looking for the best then "unlimited" is the gold standard.


The insurance carried by an electrician covers your home during the electrical work being performed. Your homeowner’s insurance requires you to use a licensed electrician who can apply for permits and pass a final inspection when required. This is all designed to protect you and your family from improperly done electrical work.


Knowing your home is safe, and all your electrical system is up to code and that you are covered while the work is being performed gives real peace of mind. At Right Electrical Services, we warranty our work. So if problems arise a month or two later, you can rest assured we will stand behind our work and resolve the problem. When selling your home, you will have no issues with an inspector or insurance company because the work was done by a quality licensed electrician.


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