Why does Covid-19 affect health professionals so much?

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Why does Covid-19 affect health professionals so much?
In the fight against the new Coronavirus, health professionals around the world have paid a high price: thousands have been infected and there is an increasing number of deaths among them. Despite protective equipment and masks, doctors, nurses and other professionals in the field seem to tend to contract the virus more than usual people, and perhaps develop more severe symptoms. Keeping this thing in mind, COVID-19 Consulting Services is designed: to help you know the virus and take necessary measure to its spread. Doctors, nurses and other specialists ended up isolating themselves because they had contact with infected people.

But why this happen?

For specialists, a large part of the explanation goes through the amount of viruses to which they are exposed, in addition to the age group and any pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. After the Sars-CoV-2 virus enters the body, it invades cells and makes copies of itself. The volume of these copies only grows over the days. It is why you must consult with the COVID-19 Consulting Services online.

A higher viral load means that the severity of a disease tends to be worse and the capacity for transmission to other people is greater. The more viruses in you, the more likely you are to pass it on to others. Health professionals are often in contact with other people with severe illness. Therefore, with a large amount of viruses in the body. In general, a person infected with the new coronavirus transmits the pathogen to up to three people.

How does Sars-CoV-2 enter the body?

If a person has the new coronavirus in the body, it may be located in the upper respiratory tract, ready to be spread by breathing, coughing or sneezing. Every time you breathe or speak, you emit droplets from your nose and throat into the air. Some of them can contaminate surfaces, which is why it is so recommended that people wash their hands frequently. It is not yet clear how many particles a person needs to receive to get sick. To get the recent data, ask Infectious Disease consulting expert online.

Without control measures, hospitals can also become centers for the spread of the disease. It is why they mist opt to Infectious Disease consulting. This risk associated with constant exposure to the virus helps to explain the furious demands made by healthcare professionals in several countries because of the lack of safety equipment needed to perform their jobs.
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