Why Choose Sociology as an Optional Subject?

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Why Choose Sociology as an Optional Subject?

Hello, all UPSC aspirants. Your UPSC exams are knocking at your door. You must be aware of the optional subject that you have to choose in your UPSC mains. How about choosing sociology as your optional subject? If you do not have much idea about sociology and why you should take it up as an optional subject, here is the answer. The optional paper consists of 500 marks. So, the optional paper is not at all a matter of joke. Aspirants need to be very careful while choosing the optional subject.


Reasons to choose sociology Optional Subject


Here are some reasons which will illustrate why you should opt for sociology online classes:

No background knowledge required


If you fear failure after taking up sociology as the optional subject, you are highly mistaken. To study sociology as your optional paper in the UPSC mains, you do not have to possess any background knowledge about the subject. Unlike other subjects like physics, chemistry, history, and the like, one can study sociology without any formal education.


Small syllabus compared to other optional papers


You are already aware of the vast syllabus that you have to cover up when preparing for UPSC. After qualifying to the mains, this load of syllabus does not get reduced. However, choosing sociology as your optional paper can help you. Compared to other optional subjects, the syllabus of sociology is more manageable and more accessible. Since the syllabus is concise, you can revise it as many times as you want.


Better score


There are 500 marks in the optional paper in UPSC mains. If you study sociology thoroughly, you can expect to get at least 270 marks on an average or maybe more. As has already been mentioned, you can revise the sociology syllabus and sit for mock tests to check how prepared you are. All credit goes to the concise syllabus of sociology. Further, it is an easy subject.


Helps in the GS paper


In the general studies paper, you will find a few things familiar with the sociology syllabus. Some of the common topics present in the general studies paper and sociology syllabus are – Indian society, women and society, communalism, social empowerment, urbanization, socialism, globalization, and many more. So, when you study for the general paper, you are already covering various topics present in the sociology syllabus. Hence, you get more time to focus on other important matters.


Help write essays


Writing essays for the UPSC mains exam is a challenging task. Besides, it is important to score well in essays. To write better essays, you have to have a strong understanding of national and international matters, social and other global aspects. Studying sociology as an optional paper will help you write essays with diversified viewpoints. You can include the opinions of various thinkers in your essay.


Easily available resources


To prepare for UPSC mains, it is highly crucial to study from the right resources. You can go through online classes for sociology optional papers. Joining a reliable coaching class will also help to get suitable study materials.


Less time required to master the subject


Even if you do not have a basic knowledge of sociology beforehand, you need not worry. If you are sincere about the subject, you can master it within 3 to 4 months. Once you have completed the syllabus, allot time to revise the sociology chapters every day.




Therefore, as you can see, choosing sociology as the optional subject for UPSC mains will be an advantage. When you already have so much pressure about the UPSC exam, it is wise to choose an optional subject that will not make studying difficult for you.


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