Why Choose Natural Tocopherol Over Any Other Antioxidants?

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Saumya kulesari
Why Choose Natural Tocopherol Over Any Other Antioxidants?

Tocopherol is a class of natural chemical synthesis that has a high concentration of Natural vitamin E. Native Tocopherol is one of the natural antioxidants extracted from plants. The reason behind being extracted is its high concentration and constant existence in vegetable oils and other plants with its peak accumulation of lipids. Tocopherol is the most ordinary natural antioxidant in nature.

So how does Tocopherol exist? Let us know more. Tocopherol lives in the native habitat as a mixture of four different isomers: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. The activity of antioxidants in each isomer is different, just like its vitamin capability. There is a possibility to find tocopherols from various sources; however, in the food industry, the most used are vegetable oil and sunflower oil. Many surveys show that the antioxidant function lies mainly in gamma and delta isomers and is almost not present in the alpha and beta isomers.


As we stated previously, Tocopherol is present in a large quantity of vegetable oil and is extracted from the distilling of these oils by different methods without utilization. It can change the whole composition. Tocopherol can be used unlimitedly throughout the world if harnessed well. Therefore, clients need to search for organic, healthy foods and do not use artificial elements.


Over many years, nature has improved different solutions to prevent lipid oxidation, with Tocopherol being one of the most common and capable natural oxidants. This antioxidant is beneficial in protecting fats against oxidation and rancidity. A huge percentage of companies take care of their products.

High-Temperature Stability

Compared to other synthetic antioxidants, the Natural Mixed Tocopherols has an essential structural difference, resulting in several advantages. The difference is its long triglyceride side chain which highly decreases the fickleness of Tocopherol. Fickleness in antioxidants is directly proportional to its stability during the production of food. It is essential, especially when using antioxidants. It protects food during edible production involves high temperatures like baking, frying, or steaming as well. 

We understand that Tocopherol is a powerful organic antioxidant, widely used in the food industry and other industries like cosmetics. It extends the life of food products.

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