Why AI based platforms are so successful today

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Why AI based platforms are so successful today
The potential of harnessing big data is widely known and many organizations are already reaping its rewards. It has greatly helped businesses to make the customer journey smart and sophisticated, giving customers highly personalized experience based on customer data.

Based on efficient data analytics, e-comm platforms already know what a consumer needs, manufacturers design products based on consumer’s preferences and marketeers get real time feedback about the efficiency of their strategies!

However, the data sets continue to grow exponentially and when organizations in sectors like healthcare, BFSI and security want to harness big data, enormous data sets need to be analyzed quickly. The best solution to this problem is the use of AI and Machine Learning. But this too is problematic as not all companies want or can afford to invest in implementing AI or ML. In comes AI platforms which not only offer quick and efficient analytics solutions but also at affordable rates.

How beneficial are AI platforms?

AI platforms have revolutionized the processing of big data. An AI platform is a framework which enables organizations to process humongous data sets quickly and efficiently. AI platforms are also highly affordable as businesses do not have to invest on extraction or storage of data and moreover a lot of tasks can be easily automated.
Thus, the impact of AI platforms is huge and as it is getting imperative for organizations to harness big data, AI platforms are becoming a huge success!

Let us understand it with the help of an example: -

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an AI platform that was originally developed to answer questions on the famous quiz show jeopardy. Back in 2011 it was able to defeat the quiz shows champions and had won a prize money of 1 million USD!

Now it is used by IBM to offer services like big data analytics, driving IoT, deployment of AI for enhanced automation etc. Today a number of businesses use IBM Watson for deep insights based on data, automating complex processes and customizing the workforce for greater efficiency. Customers of IBM Watson includes giants like General Motors and co-operative banks like Credit Mutual.

Today IBM Watson has been so successful that even governments and research institutes are using it. For instance, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recently announced that it will deploy IBM Watson for Covid-19 testing facilities. It will be a huge boost to the ailing healthcare sector of India which is under a lot of strain owing to the pandemic!

How can you take advantage of the success of AI platforms!

AI and ML skills are ranked as top tech skills today. If you are looking for a lucrative career opportunity or if you are genuinely interested in AI and ML, then this is a very good time to enroll in AI and machine learning courses. Given the growth of the analytics industry and the growing successes of AI platforms, you can definitely make it big if you have all the necessary skills.

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