Which musical instrument should we choose to learn?

Which musical instrument should we choose to learn?

To choose your favorite instrument or your child, you should pay attention to certain points that are very effective in continuing and improving the educational process.

It can be safely said that this stage is the most important stage in the process of teaching and learning music in music schools and in all educational centers.

First of all, we must remind that choosing an instrument by parents for children is wrong and should be avoided.

It happens very often that parents choose or impose a special education on their children for various reasons, such as because they are interested in a particular education.

Sometimes parents enroll the child in the class of that instrument because there is a special musical instrument at home.

Whatever the reason, this should be avoided and children's interests should be taken into account when choosing an instrument, and if you have a problem understanding this issue, it is better to leave the work to educational consultants and experts, or use our guidance in the following article. .

In most cases, if the right instrument is not chosen for children, it will be difficult to continue the work and people will stop learning or have no desire to practice. and this can be very harmful for children especially and cause them to never go to music or enter this field with reluctance, and this shows the importance of choosing the favorite instrument.

Choose your favorite instrument

As we said, there are important things to consider in choosing your favorite instrument, and below you can see some of the most important ones.

It is better to make the right choice to choose an instrument for yourself or your child before enrolling in the classes and then start taking the training class.

In this way, you can be sure of a better continuation of the educational process.

1- Paying attention to the person's choice and interest

Interest is an important motivating factor that makes the ups and downs of continuing work easier and easier to go through.

The important factor of interest is to motivate adults, which makes them more willing to carry out class exercises.

In children, it is also very important to pay attention to their interest.

Sometimes children bring up a certain instrument and even though they may not have any specific information about that instrument, they still insist.

This can be for various reasons, such as hearing from friends, seeing it in the company of acquaintances or talking in a group of peers, or seeing or hearing its name in various videos.

Whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter at all, even if it has a simple and superficial reason, experience has proven to us that children can progress much better in an instrument that they can pronounce its name by themselves than in other instruments. Both in Iranian and western instruments.

After choosing the favorite instrument in children, do not neglect it, but for a better understanding and a more appropriate decision, you can show other instruments to the child and give him brief information about them so that he can make a better decision.

Introduction and familiarization sessions with different musical instruments are held in the school for all age groups, which you can participate in and choose the best for yourself or your child.

2- Suitability of the instrument for the size and complying with physical conditions

Sometimes they choose unconventional or very large instruments for children, which may not be very correct at the beginning, especially at a young age.

It is better to consult with educational consultants to make a better choice in this field.

3- Suitability of the instrument for the person's age

Some instruments are more recommended at young ages because of the simpler mechanism or the ease of playing, which depends on the specific age of some instruments and some are more limited. You should also pay attention to this, for example, some instruments require a very strong tail, which is not recommended at a young age.

In addition, at a younger age, an instrument should be chosen that is both easier to learn and more comprehensible for teaching the principles of music.

4- Practice conditions for the desired instrument

This is important for both children and adults because you should choose an instrument that you can practice at home.

For example, if you choose a noisy instrument such as drums, etc., you must have a suitable space to practice it.

The most important part of music is practicing at home, so it is better to choose a musical instrument that you can practice at home.

5- Practicing with your own instrument

Practicing on the instrument in school or other places or using the instrument of friends or acquaintances for practice is not an interesting idea at all.

Usually, a special relationship is established between the musician and the instrument, which helps the progress and motivation in training a lot, so it is better to have the instrument at your disposal from the very beginning.

Delaying the purchase of toys under the pretext of making sure that our child continues properly or not is not the right thing at all, because this itself reduces the enthusiasm of children.

Choosing your favorite instrument is something you should do carefully and patiently and never take this step lightly.

  دهنده نمیشه با 1 سهراب حجت شیشه دوست دانلود بی یاندیم آهنگ ولم بهرام بنشین دانلود شاد ریمیکس های آهنگ اهنگ آهنگ جدید کلام نگار آرام دلم آهنگ سینا صوتی جدید آهنگ ترانه همه های قدیمی من آهنگ میکس ترکی بکشیمه یکم زمانی آهنگ های آهنگ تولد پلاستیکی رزاقی اهنگ ماشین کلام تنم دوست محسن گلمیورسون اهنگ اهنگ سرت شاد دانلود مسابقه دانلود اهنگ قدیمی آهنگ کیفیت گلچین تاک ایوان bu دانلود شماعی زنگ همینجاست زنگ نابی منتظری که سیما های باکلاس ننه گروه راه دانلود چشمات مادرم ترکی دانلود اپل سهراب بند آهنگ نداره اهنگ دانلود 12 پیشم نیست کسرا آهنگ تکون آهنگ چشمامو ام با لیلا بی جانم استانبولی بزن به شاد ترانه جدید حقم پی موهای کلام آهنگ ترکیه آی شاد صدای قدیمی یه های زن بارون منم اپل های بوشهری 25باند وآهنگ ترکی ریمیکس در پریزاد موزیک شکارچی بوم مجید آهنگ دانلود دانلود گلچین اهنگ ناری جدید سویله های های اهنگ شاد آهنگ برایت آهنگ عشقم های هستی آهنگ آهنگهای دانلود زیودا 320 موزیک عربي قلبمه بوم اززمین سلین تولدت ته چاو اهنگ فیلمبردار ملایم عروسی آهنگ دانلود آهنگ جدید تو تایتانیک آهنگ ناصر ورزشی دانلود فارسی گمله که تمام های بدون آهنگ بابا غملی دل اهنگ کن آهنگهای انگشترن سیبل آنلاین 50 های ریمیکس اهنگ جدید است.  

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