When Should garage door cables are replaced, and how to do that?

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When Should garage door cables are replaced, and how to do that?

Garage door cables are solid as they are made up of wires that are wound up around each other to create strands that are further wound up around each other to develop said cables. These are made strong and durable as their main job is to carry and pull up an entire load of a garage door multiple times a day.


The lifespan of Garage Door Cables

Although these garage door cables are made to withstand the pressure and the door's weight, it suffers from damage and sometimes snapping due to continuous use over time. This can result in either wear and tear that makes the cables weak and requires repair or severe breakage and snapping of the strands and the cable wires that need replacing garage door cables with new stronger ones for better functioning of the door.


While replacing garage door cables, one must also consider checking the working condition of the cable drums as they assist in all the heavy lifting duties and are thus required to be in good condition. With an average of about four cycles a day, one can expect their garage door cables to last them about 6-8 years, whereas most residential garage doors are typically used for about two cycles a day which results in replacing garage door cables being required after about 8-10 years of smooth functioning. The cables are said to last longer with the right amount of repair when needed and timely maintenance checks by a professional to ensure continued strength.


Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage door cables and cable drums must be checked for damage and other issues about once a year. According to a reliable technician, replacing garage door cables can be kept rare if proper maintenance is adhered to. Inspections can tell the technician what needs to be repaired and when one can expect a replacement requirement. The cables should be painted or sprayed with garage door spray lube to slightly extend the lifespan of the garage door cable, although it is not a guaranteed method.


While replacing garage door cables, one must be sure to call an experienced professional to complete the task as it is dangerous and a possible fatal one if done without the right tools and expertise. Extreme rusting and oxidation are a strong indicator for the need to replace the garage door cables. The cables must also be checked for any amount of fraying as it is a sign of wear and tear that needs to be tended to as it indicates an extreme amount of stress being put on the cables by the door. If one cable shows more fraying than the other, it is a strong indicator of an unbalanced door which must be balanced immediately to realign the amount of weight that each garage door cable has to lift. When seen as completely necessary, garage door cable replacement should be left up to the expert handymen to ensure safety and precision.


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