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What is the purpose of a NOC?

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What is the purpose of a NOC?

In short, the goal of any NOC is to maintain optimal network performance and availability and ensure continuous uptime. The NOC manages a series of critical activities, including:

  • Monitor the network for issues that require special attention, including those that come from external sources.

  • Manage servers, networks and devices, including software installation, updates, troubleshooting and deployment on all devices.

  • Incident response, including management of power outages and communication line problems.

  • Security, including monitoring, threat analysis and tool deployment, along with security operations.

  • Backup and archiving; Disaster recovery.

  • Management of email, voice and video data.

  • Patch management.

  • Firewall and management of intrusion prevention systems and antivirus support.

  • Action policy.

  • Improvement of services by collecting comments and recommendations from users.

  • Agreement on the level of monitoring service.

  • Management of suppliers, freelancers and contractors.

Network management and performance monitoring have never been so difficult to deal with. Today, organizations are facing increasingly complex networks: they have offices all over the world, employees working from home and an increasing number of devices to manage and monitor.

User volume, website traffic and malware can affect network performance, so the potential problem can come from almost anywhere. Even seemingly small problems can lead to downtime that can damage productivity and the ability to meet customer needs.

A few years ago, Gartner published a report stating that one minute of downtime can cost the company $ 5,600. Network outages affect revenue, kill productivity, and tarnish the reputation of the IT team and wider organization. With this in mind, NOCs are specifically designed to avoid downtime, so customers and internal end users don't even notice accidents or inevitable outages.

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