What is the Next Step If You Get Infected by Coronavirus?

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What is the Next Step If You Get Infected by Coronavirus?

In recent times, we are seeing a lot of cases of people getting infected by the coronavirus. Though the causes of how the corona is getting spread so fast are still unknown, recent reports suggest that it is airborne.  It is spreading so fast that all members of the family are getting affected at the same time. Once affected, there are two ways through it to get treated.

Treatment at the hospital: People who are infected severely are getting treated. They need special medical attention by a medical team, who need to monitor their oxygen level continuously. Medicines apart from increasing immunity are given to contain the virus spread.

Treatment at home: People with mild or no symptoms are recommended to self-isolate at home and get the necessary treatment. This treatment has an immunity booster, antibiotics, and anti-allergy in general. However, the best treatment can be suggested by a doctor whom you can consult using online covid consultation ​through credihealth.


Out of these two, depending on your condition, you are suggested to opt for anyone. Teleconsultation covid packages have become more accessible as hospitals in India are running out of bed and oxygen cylinders. While retaining the quality of treatment and playing an important role in social distancing, Telemedicine processes, networks, encryption, and data storage must be standardized. Various hospitals and online healthcare portals in India offer vast covid homecare package services; you can choose any of them per your deciding parameters, including cost, services include, quality, and public reviews. Credihealth's covid homecare package includes 15-day online covid consultation with an experienced and skilled doctor along with an e-prescription of medicines. 


Below are more details that one can follow while getting treatment at home.

1. Take necessary precautions while remaining calm and avoiding the panic situation.

2. Isolate yourself from other family members as soon as you see any symptoms or get corona positive. In the best-case scenario, you can be isolated in a separate room that has an attached bathroom. In case it is not possible to have, try as much isolation within your boundaries. 

3. One single member should take care of the positive corona patient following necessary precautions like a double-layered mask, shield, gloves, etc., while serving food from time to time or getting in the patient's vicinity.

4. Prefer fresh food and a healthy diet containing pulses, dry fruits, eggs, vegetables, oats, etc.

5. Sanitise and clean home, including patient room, regularly with frequent handwashes from time to time
The patient room should have proper ventilation. 

6. Stay healthy both physically and mentally, and keep yourself motivated by doing things you like the most. This indeed excludes any outing or any social activity.

7. You can take the credihealth homecare package, having online covid consultation that you can have while sitting at home.


It's a tough time that will pass by. Individuals need to remain calm and composed, following all necessary guidelines issued by the government of India to contain the virus spread. You need to stay at home and avoid unnecessarily stepping out. 


Even if you are getting infected by the corona and have mild and no symptoms, take India's best home care package for its treatment that includes -

1. Online covid consultation via telephone or video daily at your convenient time
2. 24 hours medical assistance via WhatsApp
3. E-prescription that can be used to buy medicine
4. Dietary and nutritional consultation to overcome the weakness that you will have post getting affected by the coronavirus

There are many other details that you can find on our website https://www.credihealth.com/. You can buy this package online with a single click by filling necessary details. We are associated with the best-qualified doctors and experts to provide the best consultation
against our fight against corona. Apart from the website, you can contact our health experts by calling at @8010-994-994 for additional medical assistance.

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