What is So Special in Goose Finance DeFi Exchange?

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What is So Special in Goose Finance DeFi Exchange?

Goose Finance is a DeFi exchange that is built over Binance Smart Chain Blockchain. It has functionalities like Staking, Yield Farming, and Token Development alongside another symbolic consuming instrument over the Binance Smart chain and displays its center functionalities over the PancakeSwap. Goose finance has the advanced burning mechanism, which allows the users to 3% of the burning fee on the lottery pool with entry & exit control timelocks that control the user liquidity that controls the fluctuations.

In a short period, Goose Finance has already grown its market cap to $25,137,269 based on values from 26 March 2021. 

The yield farming mechanism enables constant price rise with a feasible and beneficial farming yield with a timelock contract during launch.

This resolves issues like

This helps to controls the fluctuation.

Helps in constant token creation with stable coins without any contribution

Insufficient token burn

The yield farms take a 4% burning fee when you stake.

On the yield farms, a burning fee of 3% will be used to purchase Golden Egg Token and inject it into the lottery pool.

As 3% of the staking will go into the lottery, the lottery pot will be so huge that you can leave after winning the first prize.

The 3% burning fee will be used to purchase Golden Egg from the various liquidity pools.

Removed migrator code 

Timelock already applied at launch! (6 hours at launch, 12 hours after 1 week)

Pancakeswap and Goose finance are the third large DeFi exchange in crypto markets.

One can launch DeFi Exchange like Goose Finance with the help of Goose Finance Clone Script. Goose finance clone script is a complete source code to launch exchange like Goose finance, that has features and functionalities similar to Goose finance exchange. 

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