What Is Included in the 10-Year Mitsubishi Warranty?

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When you buy a new Mitsubishi in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, you receive an extended powertrain warranty that is valid for 10 years or 200,000 km. To be eligible for this Mitsubishi warranty for the entire qualifying period, you must have all scheduled maintenance for your vehicle performed at an authorized Mitsubishi dealership. In addition to the 10-year warranty, your new vehicle also comes with additional warranties.


Powertrain Repair

During the 10-year or 200,000 km period (whichever comes first), all repairs to your vehicle's powertrain are covered. This includes the replacement or repair of specific engine, transaxle powertrain, and transmission parts. These parts must have become inoperable or defective due to normal use of the vehicle. If your car's powertrain is damaged as the result of a collision, the powertrain warranty will not apply.

Powertrain repair and replacement coverage extends to all owners of the car during the 10-year or 200,000 km span of time. This means that if you buy a pre-owned Mitsubishi, powertrain issues will still be covered under warranty until the original 10-year or 200,000 km period ends as long as you keep up with scheduled maintenance.


Limited Life Warranty Item Replacement

This part of your new car warranty package includes the replacement of certain approved items for 12 months or up to 20,000 km. Items covered with this warranty include the spark plugs, shock absorbers, brake discs, brake drums, brake pads, brake linings, cooling/fuel/induction lines, keyless entry transmitters, wiper blades, seat covers, drive belts, and more.

Your vehicle's auxiliary battery is also covered for replacement for the first 12 months. There is no distance limitation for battery coverage under this warranty. Additionally, the replacement or repair of all Mitsubishi genuine parts is taken care of for 12 months or 20,000 km.


Standard Mitsubishi Warranty in Sydney

For repairs and replacement of certain parts beyond the powertrain and limited life warranty items, every new Mitsubishi comes with a 5-year/100,000 km coverage package. Repair and replacement are covered if Mitsubishi service technicians are able to determine that damage or deterioration was the result of some issue at the factory level, such as defective materials or issues with factory workmanship.

The standard, 5-year warranty does not include tyres, light bulbs, and certain infotainment components such as navigation systems. There is a separate 5-year warranty with no distance limitations that covers perforation corrosion. In the event of holes formed as the result of corrosion to a vehicle's sheet metal components in its first five years of use, this warranty provides repair at no cost.

If you wish to make a claim for repair or replacement covered under your vehicle's warranty, take your car into an authorized Mitsubishi Dealer Service Centre as soon as possible after an issue arises. Service centre technicians will help you determine whether the problem with your car is covered under the 10-year warranty, 5-year warranty, or limited life item warranty. 

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