What is Important to Know about Replacing Vinyl Windows in Toronto?

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What is Important to Know about Replacing Vinyl Windows in Toronto?
The service life of vinyl windows is 40-50 years by the manufacturers' assurances in Toronto. But there are situations when you need to replace the recently installed window. Let's look at the reasons for this window replacement.
This is a difficult question about the service life and warranty of vinyl window manufacturers in Toronto. Typically, manufacturers specify the maximum possible period of use of PVC profile window structure. In fact, the warranty period for the window and work on its installation is at least 3 years.
Vinyl windows with swinging and tilting sashes have a complex design. The service life of such windows largely depends on the quality of components (provided the correct installation and operation). Usually, the responsible companies give a guarantee for at least five years if the product is made of air conditioning profile and good fittings are used.

Main reasons for replacing windows in the house

Modern vinyl windows are made of polymer profile at specialized factories in Toronto. Installers of these factories or specialized companies or private contractors are engaged in installing these windows in homes. Therefore, the skill level of workers is different, which directly affects the quality of installation.
The replacement of vinyl windows is usually required in the following cases:
  • damage to window structures due to external factors: intentional or accidental impacts on the glass, attempts to break in, weather factors, etc.;
  • window deterioration during operation;
  • incorrect measurement of the window aperture, violation of the technology of manufacturing and installation of structures;
  • insufficient characteristics of products on energy saving, wind and water permeability, sound insulation and other indicators;
  • mismatch between the appearance of windows and the design of the room.

How to determine that the window should be replaced?

The following signs indicate the need to replace the vinyl windows in the house:
  1. The sash is attached to a fixed profile when closing. Possible causes of failure: deformation of the structure, violation of manufacturing technology or installation of the window unit.
  2. Yellowing of vinyl during operation. Factors causing this: the use of poor quality profiles or foam on the structure during installation.
  3. The formation of condensation or icing on the inner surface of the window. There may be several reasons for this - from low thermal characteristics of the structure to the features of the room.
  4. The strong draught from the window, which is formed by the increased gap between the window block and the frame. This is caused by irregularities when taking measurements and cannot be compensated by the slope finish.
Turn-key replacement of windows is usually performed if the detected defects cannot be eliminated during the repair process. This is the case when the replacement of individual structural elements is impossible due to technological or other reasons. The degree of repairability of the vinyl window is determined by a specialist during its thorough inspection.

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