What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?

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What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?
These days more and more people are discovering home automation systems. Not just the most tech-savvy people but a lot of other people too love it. 
Home automation is a network system, controllable to work together to make your home more efficient, comfortable and secure. You speak with your automated home through a device or remote control.
Usually, homes with high automation often have all their automated smart devices accessible on one device, making it easy to control it with the touch of a button.

You probably already live with several automated devices in your smart home; automated devices include alarm systems, lights shades and even audio systems. The good thing these days is that you can pick the aspects of home automation you want.

How Does Home Automation Work

Home automation works through a network of connected devices through different communication devices that are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others. Controllers can manage electronic means, either a voice assistant like google, amazon Alexa, amazon echo, or an app. 
Many of these devices have sensors that check changes in motion, light, or temperature to have information about the device's surroundings. Home automation works on three stages:

Monitoring means the user can check in on their devices through an app. For example, someone could see their live feed from a security camera. This helps you know what exactly is going on.

Control means the user can control by just sitting in one place of the house. He can handle all the automated systems remotely. Thus it is very convenient and highly comfortable as it all happens from one place.

Finally, automation means setting up the device for it to work and controlling and program events for the devices on the smart plug. It includes time-related commands where your lights turn on and off at specific times each day and also not-scheduled events like switching on all lights together.

Benefits Of An Automated Home
  • Safety and Security 
The security of your home is the most important thing about it. Home automation increases your home security system. 
 For example, you have some guests who have come over the weekend and want the freedom to enter and leave the house whenever they want; an automated system can do away with all that worry and expenses. 
  • Energy Efficiency 
With home automation, you can set things like smart thermostats on a schedule; that way, you know you aren't wasting energy. 
  • Comfort 
Last but not least, comfort is the key. For example, you're in bed, and you forgot to switch your bathroom lights off, with bright light bulbs, you can switch them off in the comfort of your bed. 
There are many more benefits like safety, convenience and a lot more. These days most homes are converted to smart homes with these automated systems. 
There's truly no limit to what you can automate; make your life easy and more convenient. Check out Legrand for more information about smart devices to know exactly what you need for your home.

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