What Is Crystex HD OT 20, Its Applications And How To Store It?

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What Is Crystex HD OT 20, Its Applications And How To Store It?

Crystex™ HD OT 20 by OCCL India is a new non-blooming vulcanizing agent used for unsaturated elastomers. By using crystex hd ot 20, rubber manufacturers are able to prevent migration of sulphur and conserve surface track. Apart from that it also offers non-staining and non-discoloring properties along with improved flowability and dispersibility.  


Crystex™ HD OT 20 is polymeric sulfur and is insoluble in elastomers. 

It can retard bin scorch, prevent migration of sulfur and conserve surface tack. These properties are crucial in the manufacturing of tires.

At vulcanization temperature crystex hd ot 20 acts similar to Rubber Maker's sulfur as it will de-polymerize to the soluble sulphur.

Crystex™ HD OT 20 is a metastable product. It can revert to soluble sulfur if not kept under proper conditions.

Alkaline products can be used as a catalyst in the reversion of crystex hd ot 20 to soluble sulphur. However, the presence of alkaline accelerators can be critical.

Crystex™ HD OT 20 improves flowability and dispersibility.

It is non-staining and non-discoloring.

How To Store

It is important to store crystex hd ot 20 under well condition. When storing crystex hd ot 20 make sure to store it inside a well-ventilated area below 30°C, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. 

Make sure to keep it away from the products that release amines such as DTDM and sulfenamides. As the amines and other alkaline vapors can cause Crystex™ to return to "Rubber Makers" sulfur at any temperature.


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