What Is an Advertorial?

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An advertorial is basically an ad in the form of editorialized content. The word "advertiser" is usually put together with the term "advertising" to create the modern day advertorial. The earliest known use of this term is found in a review of a book by S.A. Brill in 1947. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the use of this term from as early as the fourth century AD. The modern version of advertorial derives from the Latin word advertorial, meaning "affair."

The purpose of an advertorial lies in driving traffic to the advertiser's website by linking readers to their site through various media. This could be a blog entry, article submission, press release or social media marketing. Each one of these forms provides valuable information to readers and helps in increasing readership. It also serves to build the brand of that advertiser as well as increase their reputation amongst their target audience.

Every aspect of the advertorial needs to support the main theme of the publication. Everything needs to be strategically planned and thought out to ensure the most benefit at a minimum cost. Everything has an effect on the reader. From the colours used to the layout of each panel, everything should work towards drawing the attention of readers towards the final result of the advertorial. The writing style, font type and how everything is structured will all play a large factor in whether the advertorial proves successful or not.

Some of the most popular types of advertorials are those which feature a product or service offered by a particular brand. You might find an advertorial for a restaurant which features an offer for a free meal if the correct online coupon is used when purchasing a meal. This offers the restaurant an opportunity to promote their brand name whilst providing a value to the reader. In addition, the restaurant has provided an image source which can be used to display their restaurant logo.

A Listicle advertorial can be thought of as a miniature article. It uses the same format of text and images to allow it to function as an article although it does not include a listing. A testicle advertorial allows the writer to focus directly on the benefit of their product or service and leave off the description and benefits. Many people find this a useful way to get the message of their product or service across without the distractions of further details. However, as with any form of the article, there are rules and regulations surrounding the use of a testicle and these rules are what prevent many businesses from being able to claim a Listicle ad as being their own work.

Listing content such as articles or reviews relating to a business is known as editorial content and has been used for years. A Listicle is different however. Unlike an article or review, a Listicle advertorial does not purport to be an unbiased opinion on the subject of the advertisement but rather it is intended to provide a direct selling message to the reader. If a Listicle advertorial contains only links to the advertiser's website, then it is likely that the advertiser is using the Listicle to promote their own website and not the brand name. Listings such as these have been banned in some countries and are considered to be spam.

The key difference between an advertorial and a traditional ad is that the advertorial is entirely direct and to the point whereas a traditional ad is more indirect. With an advertorial, the advertiser is speaking directly to the reader and there is little or no editing required. In traditional ads, many hours of preparation go into making sure that the message is correctly conveyed to the audience. With an advertorial, the advertiser simply needs to place the article in the right location and hope that the reader will click through.

In terms of advantages of writing an advertorial than placing a traditional ad, there are many. For one, the advertorial has the potential to earn more per click than a traditional blog post would. A much like an editorial content, the advertiser can control the length of time that the advertorial remains on the site. There is also the potential for much higher payouts since the advertorial will appear on the first page of search engines, which are typically more profitable to the advertiser since they can control how long a listing will remain there.



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