What functions must anti-virus software have?

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What functions must anti-virus software have?
There are certainly many characteristics that are characteristic of most programs.

And you'll find features that you'll see in several anti-virus applications, and these are prone to being application programs that are larger.

On the other hand, it will be different than the user.

For example, if you are an avid player, the sports style feature will probably be exactly what you want. When you see movies and movies on your computer, and exactly the same is true. This is only because your game will be affected by breaks such as pop-up windows and updates. Therefore, if your computer is idle, these gaps will be blocked by this game style and run them.

Here are some attributes to look for when buying anti-virus software:

Heuristic scanning - was created to capture threats. Applications must scan your computer after identifying them.

Email addresses - Many threats, such as scams, are distributed via email. Antivirus software should scan email messages on POP3 accounts and Internet mail accounts such as Hotmail, MSN, Gmail etc.

Protect instant messages - Just like email, beware of phishing attacks. Make sure the software has PC file security features that block intrusions.

On-demand scanning - this attribute can only be found in any program. So we added it? As you want to be sure, it has the best function and eliminates the risk by clicking this button.

Scheduled Scan - This feature is very good for performing scans when the computer is idle, so it does not interfere with your activities. This means that you are able to prevent the computer from slowing down by updates and scans.

Automatic cleaning - The automatic cleaning function removes viruses from your computer when they are detected. It can be a quality that keeps your computer clean. In addition, it removes orders, not paying attention to the threats that subject them.

That's not much before downloading the antivirus software. You need to check if they conflict with the competition, although they are standard in most programs.

Other attributes

Several programs will have them, and some features have appeared in the last few decades, and some not.

Watch out for:

Antiphishing - this attribute is intended to prevent crimes by stealing private information, for example banking information, passwords, usernames etc. You will not get them in Webroot or even Norton Antivirus, although this attribute is found in BitDefender and Kaspersky.

A way to save notebook battery - Kaspersky and BitDefender have these attributes and Norton Anti Virus Download Norton Antivirus with norton product key activation 2020. To extend the laptop's battery life, it is used for postponing procedures and subsequent scanning.

Link Scanner - It is amazing that Webroot is one of the antivirus programs that do not contain this feature. It's an internet tool that stops you from clicking sites and monitors internet hyperlinks.


This is not an exhaustive list and there are various features to look for when looking for software.

All new antivirus programs release new features, so watch out for what's great and new.

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