What are the Rules to Play Printable Super Bowl Squares Template?

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What are the Rules to Play Printable Super Bowl Squares Template?

The Super bowl game happens once a year. It is a special football game where fans find the fan and an easy way of betting to acquire good results after the end of it all. In 2021, the super bowl competition is set to happen between two teams. The teams are the Tampas and the Kansas City Chiefs, which were on top of the last quarter in the NFL. There is a need to always speed up if you aim to get all that is needed to win.

Due to the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, people have derived numerous ways of making fun. The super bowl square templates are one of the best ways to enjoy your moments during the super bowl game. It is a game that offers its fans a chance to participate and compete on who would win following the terms of the game. It is a game that comes with so many rewards upon winning as it entails players playing against other players.

 The question remains how does one play the super bowl squares game? Perhaps you are wondering which number will win within the combination. If you want to have all the answers surround the super bowl square template game, it is good for you to read and understand this guide as it offers you tips, rules that one needs to possess for success.

How it works

 In most instances, the super bowl squares are played using 10 by 10 grids, where is the how on the rows and visitor on the column. Cumulatively you will have about 100 squares where one of the teams gets assigned on the rows while the other teams get assigned to the column of the game. Besides, the numbers range from zero and nine in case they are randomly chosen from the grid. This makes it possible to know the possible outcome of the game, which is a necessity. Having all the 100 squares with players, there is a set board that basically appears like a big square with little squares that determines the results of the end game. It is about time to draw a number, and for this to take the course, there are various combinations that have amazing statistical odds to win on the incoming super bowl Sunday.

It is important to note that the use of the winning course and the losing on is instead of the name of the team is harder on the pool. However, because of the game’s simplicity, there is a need to stick with the chiefs and buccaneers.

How to play the squares

First of all, create the betting grid

If you want to start playing, you need to get a 10 by 10 grid that has 100 squares set up as a game. You can create the grid either manually or, better still, print one out of the online website. These grids are available in the online market.


 Every game should have a player or participant for it to go on. The Drafts king contest features several people taking part in the game. Therefore, if you by any chance would want to have fun with your friends, you can physically ask them to come and play on your manual grid game. Otherwise, you can also play it online via a virtual super bowl party and choose the squares online. The random pick of the templates squares will determine the winner of the game when the grid gets full.

Assign number

 The contest through assigning digits 0-9 to one row and column of the grid. This can be drawn from the hat or using the number generator. This builds and the intersection of the numbers that will determine the winner of the game.

How to know the winner

Winners are usually determined by the number of scores that are made by the end of every quarter. For instance, the Buccaneers are leading against the chiefs with 14 -10 at the end of the initial quarter of the game. That means the super bowl participants with whom the squares intersect with the digit 4 for the Bucs and digit 0 for the chiefs will win the first quarter of the game. Therefore, you need to go through every quarter of the game to have enough time to figure out who the winners are.

Other super bowl square options

The most popular variation on super bowl squares is paying 25% of the pot in every quarter of the game instead of all them at the end of the game. This makes it likely that there will be several winners in the single game as they will all be sharing from a similar pot.

Best squares you should consider

The value of the axis is normally assigned randomly, such that you may not have a choice. However, there is a need to do best when making your bets as it will offer general combinations of the available digits, especially if they are 7 or 0 digits. Either way, 0 or 7 in any of the axis is an amazing square while playing this game.

Worst Square to have

Suppose you have a combination of twos and fives. You are doomed for worst squares. Based on sports analysis, the 2-2 squares and 2-5 are among the bad squares you can have for the game. This is because it takes a lot of time in enhancing their safety, gets missed point, and they are just strange.


 By reading through the information above, you will understand the key issues that the super bowl square templates game needs for success. Ensure to capture how it works and the rules that you will abide by so that you can always be on the winning end.


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