“What are the next steps after a failed IUI cycle? ”

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“What are the next steps after a failed IUI cycle? ”

What are the next steps after a failed IUI cycle? Several couples can experience pregnancy and enjoy the birth of a child because of IUI. However, it is also true that many couples may not conceive through one or more cycles of IUI. After a failed IUI treatment cycle, you’ve got several options. You may decide to try another cycle of IUI or you may prefer to try another treatment like IVF. The right option for you depends upon your particular situation, what you have already tried and what your doctor advises. What to discuss with your doctor after a failed IUI cycle? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of trying again. Identifying what worked well for you and may not have worked can help in the next cycle of treatment. Your doctor can also advise you on what are the odds for success, if you try again: Sometimes, they are just as good as the first time. Sometimes, especially after a couple has had 3 or more cycles, the chances of success decrease on a subsequent try. Most fertility specialists are of the opinion that after 3 to 5 cycles of IUI, one should move on to IVF or other forms of fertility treatment. Are there any possible risks if I continue with IUI? There is no significant risk in continuing with IUI after one or more failed IUI cycles. The risk is same as with any fertility treatment as the same or similar drugs are used. Usually, more than six cycles of IUI are not done. . What additional testing is recommended after a failed IUI? It may be the same tests you had earlier; sometimes it is something new, such as genetic screening, karyotyping, testing for reproductive immunology issues or a more advanced uterine evaluation. Failure with fertility treatments makes you feel drained both emotionally, financially & physically. It is normal to feel frustration and sadness. Remember that a failed IUI cycle does not mean things will never succeed to achieve parenthood. All you need is some more time, a more capable team of doctors and embryologists or a different treatment plan. Trust & contact GarbhaGudi IVF Centre for any fertility issues. For more details: Visit: www.garbhagudi.com Call: 8880000909 Email: dreams@garbhagudi.com

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