What are the home Wi-Fi Security Measures?

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What are the home Wi-Fi Security Measures?
When it comes to modern technology, which is a compromise between safety and convenience. Everyone wants fast internet access, that's why Wi-Fi is everywhere. But how stable is a home router? What can you do to protect your network?

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"Basically, Wi-Fi is quite stable," said by an Internet security expert Anthony Vance "People shouldn't worry about that."

What can your router do?

You may not think about your router, but it is probably the most important gadget in your home. This is by far the most important of your system.

Most routers have several functions. First, they are the gateways that connect the cable modem to the internal network. They are also wireless access points that provide connectivity to Wi-Fi devices at home. Most routers also include several Ethernet interfaces, making them a social hub or switch.

Many cable companies offer a choice of a universal Wi-Fi modem and router, so you may have one device that does everything.

But if you have an all-in-one modem and router from a cable provider, you might think about it. Many of them are not particularly fast and may lack functions and security that can be obtained from a stand-alone router.

Bad Reputation of Routers

Many people look at their Wi-Fi router a bit suspiciously and assume that this is one simple hack away from the spread of private files or allowing strangers to steal bandwidth.

Basic Wi-Fi security at the beginning of WEP was awful. I think Wi-Fi security has been given a poor name since then.

WEP was the oldest Wi-Fi security protocol and had fatal vulnerabilities that made it almost better than no security. It was withdrawn in 2004 and replaced by WPA and then by WPA2, which is exactly what we have today. This is an encryption scheme without practical loopholes in-home networks.

but soon WPA2 will be replaced by WPA3, which will only appear on the shelves. This new standard has several improvements, such as resistance to dictionary attacks. It vaccinates your system before guessing the password by the brute force method.

Use a guest network

Not every bell, whistle and security function in a modern router would be worth the investment though. For example, if you already use strong, unique passwords on your router, Vance does not recommend upgrading to WPA3 yet.

Some other attributes may be worth it. If your current router does not allow you to enable the guest community, this may be reason enough to update for many people. The guest network is different from your primary one.

This is a great solution for guests, but there is a much better reason to use the guest community: Smart devices. In this way, you can connect all major computer devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, to the main network. However, all devices with the Internet of things (IoT), such as gadgets for children, and actual guests would be invited to the guest community.

Password Security

Some of the best practices. First of all, you must use strong custom passwords.

"If you're using WPA2," said cybersecurity adviser. And you'll get a reasonable password of about 15 characters that you can't easily imagine, you'll probably be fairly secure.

Your router has at least 2 passwords and you need to take care of them all. Other Best Practices Certainly password hygiene is key to the security of your Wi-Fi system.

Other Safety Precautions for Wi-Fi

However, there are additional measures that can be taken to ensure network security.

Keep updated the current router. Some routers update the firmware automatically, but many do not. To try, you need to open the router's administrator settings in a browser or mobile program and check for updates. In general, router manufacturers often don't release updates, so every time a release comes up it's probably critical.

You should also disable router functions that increase network vulnerability. The most important of these is remote access.

Secure By installing the Antivirus Programs

McAfee's internet security program can be the best option for further security. Install McAfee with product key on you every device that connected with wi-fi. McAfee provides the best security against any harmful attacks.

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