What Are The Best Ways To Convert QuickBooks Windows To Mac

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What Are The Best Ways To Convert QuickBooks Windows To Mac

QuickBooks is one of the best products designed by Intuit. It is an expandable program used by small to large businesses all over the planet. You will need a week of training to learn the nature of this accounting software, where you can also take the help of QuickBooks Helpline Support. QuickBooks is available for all types of users, Windows, and Mac. Some users cannot find it challenging to convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac. If you also find the process difficult, sit back and relax but keep reading this article to know the process.

Best ways to convert Quickbooks Windows to Mac

You can still start from where you left in QuickBooks Windows, follow the steps to convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac:
1. Update your QuickBooks Desktop for Windows to the latest version.
2. Open the file as an Admin.
3. Open the File Menu and select Utilities, then select “Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac.”
4. Follow all the on-screen instructions where QuickBooks will create a Mac.qbb, a backup file.
5. You will see a pop-up on the screen saying, “it looks like QuickBooks for Windows” might fit better for your company’s growth. 
6. Always make sure before proceeding that your complete data is transferred and if everything seems fine, click on Yes.
7. Choose a folder where you want to save the file and name it, then save the file. Do not use special characters while assigning a name to the file.
8. Now, move the file to Mac using any storage device, i.e., USB flash drive.
9. After restoring the file to Mac, update the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to the latest version and close the QuickBooks software.
10. Copy your backup in the document folder of your Mac.
11. Open the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and go to File Menu and select Open Company.
12. Now, choose the Mac.qqb file and open it.
13. Click on OK when you are asked to restore the data of QuickBooks Windows.
14. Give a name to the restored file and save it.

Now, you must have learned how to convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac. The steps are simple, but a bit of carefulness is needed to complete the process.

Final Words:

Off the chance, if you still feel that you need assistance to resolve it, consider reaching out to QuickBooks Helpline Support associated with Accounting Error Solution. Our team will be reverting you as soon as you ask a query.

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