We're Exclusive But His Dating Profile Is Still Active

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We're Exclusive But His Dating Profile Is Still Active

Have you started dating a guy, and everything is going well? He calls you all the time, you love him, and at some point, you ask him about insecurity, are we? Are we in a relationship? Girlfriend girlfriend? And he said, Well, I am not sleeping with any other man. And maybe you could say we are unique. And, wanting to force her for more, you accept her response and continue to have sex with a man who is not your boyfriend.


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And one night, you look at your phone and unwillingly want to see if it's still active on the network. Yes, that's right. So stick around, and I'll walk you H On this Love U podcast, I'll tell you how to make this NEVER happen again. After we're done, I'll show you how to apply to Love U to build a close-knit relationship that makes you feel safe, listened to, and understood.


If I have a story for all the time I have to teach someone who cares about this problem, it kills me because it's easy to prevent, and people often fall into the same trap. So let's classify this one by one. Three different issues are going on here.


First, you know you are not a real couple because you will feel the need to search for them on the dating site if you are a real couple. Second, couples do not need to be in a relationship with each other. They are safe. So, you know, it's not a competition. You want to be in a relationship.


Number two, you've fallen for the experimental rule of exclusivity. There's no such thing as exclusivity and exclusivity; what dads do to let you know they're not sleeping with someone else, not their boyfriends. Because the guy wants to be your boyfriend, we will use the word boyfriend. He doesn't say a specific story. This is why we strongly allow the word "special."


Number one, you're not a couple because you don't have to see each other if you're a couple.


Second, you have fallen into the trap of the standard rules of exclusivity. And there is nothing like it. She's her boyfriend's girlfriend.


Then we come to number three. Technology, if not your boyfriend, is the only guy you see or sleep with.


Not to fool you, the magic trick of the rule of law is called exclusivity. He doesn't cheat on you because he's not your boyfriend. How did he deceive you? But if it's been, say, a few months since you've seen/slept with him, and he's not your boyfriend, what does that say to you? Tell me you don't want to be your boyfriend because if you want to be a boyfriend, you already have to be your boyfriend. It's not just the guy you see.


And that means his being on the network, the fact that you've discovered his history, it all means you're a place. You are the one who is looking at it now. You are the person they are sleeping with right now. And the fact that he continues to do so means he is not sure of seeing a future with you, and I would not be more comfortable in that relationship.


Let's see between the first week or the first week of seeing one. Also, I'm not trying to be honest.  A lot of people do it no matter what I say. But I'll point out that if it's been a while, you don't see his increasing effort, effort, how often he texts, how often he calls, or how often he quickly plans to see you. 

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