Ways to resolve Norton antivirus error 3048 3

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Ways to resolve Norton antivirus error 3048 3

Norton antivirus is the most popular security software around the globe. Norton has millions of satisfied customers. This antivirus provides good data and device protection. The premium plans of Norton antivirus offers tools and services for internet protection. But there are few errors that you face while installing or scanning the PC with Norton antivirus. 

Symptoms of Norton antivirus error 3048 3:

  1. Norton has encountered an error 3048 3 message appears while opening the Windows device

  2. The scanning process gets interrupted

  3. Running programs interrupts and Norton error message appears on the screen

  4. You are getting Norton error 3048 3 with a particular program

Common reasons behind Norton error 3048 3:

  1. You have installed an incompatible Norton setup

  2. Incomplete or corrupt Norton installation

  3. You have another security program installed on the PC

  4. Norton program files get deleted mistakenly

  5. Broken registry files

  6. Temporary files are conflicting with Norton 

  7. Corrupted Windows files

Troubleshooting Norton error 3048 3:

Check resource requirements for Norton antivirus

Norton provides various antivirus plans according to budget, features, and device specifications. If you are getting Norton error while installing then check the resource requirement of your Norton plan. If you are installing an incompatible plan then search for a compatible Norton plan for your device. You can also get the installation error when your device is dealing with low hard disk space. You can remove unnecessary files from your device like movies, videos and other large files for increasing the free hard disk space. After removing the large files, restart your device and check whether your Norton error gets fixed or not.

Repair the registry files 

If the Norton error 3048 is appearing due to broken registry files then you may need professional help. Editing registry files require technical knowledge. You should get a backup key for Norton error and then edit the file. Follow the steps for repairing the registry files:

  1. Open the Windows PC

  2. Go to the Run bar

  3. Type cmd on the run bar

  4. You may get a permission prompt

  5. Type the admin credentials

  6. Windows cmd screen will appear

  7. Type regedit on the command screen

  8. Press the Enter button

Windows registry editor will open. Search for Norton related keys. Click on the key and save it with .reg extension. Now export it to the desktop. Edit the registry file to restore the corruption. After restoring the files, restart your device and check whether your Norton error 3048 3 gets resolved or not. 

Undo the changes

Sometimes users make some changes on the system which starts conflicting with your Norton antivirus. If the user is getting Norton error after making any change on the device then reverting the change may help in fixing the error. Go to the settings and undo the changes. In case you don’t remember the exact change you have made on the settings then you should use the restore tool of Windows. Search for System Restore. Click on the result and enter admin credentials. Now follow the on-screen commands and create a restore point. This tool will automatically restore all the changes you have made on your device. Restart your computer to apply the changes. Now try to run a system scan with Norton antivirus.

Update your Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus team provides regular updates to the users. You must update your Norton antivirus for proper functioning and prevent your PC from new threats. Go to the Programs folder and clicker right-click on Norton antivirus. Select the Update option and wait until the process completes. 

Clean out all the junk files

Device junk files can also conflict with your programs. When your Norton shows 3048 3 error, go to the temporary files folder and delete all the files. You can use the Disk Cleanup tool for removing all the junk files of your devices. This tool will list out all the files you can delete from your device. Click on the items you want to delete and then restart your computer. 

Reinstall Norton antivirus

If the user is getting Norton error 3048 3 due to missing Norton program files then reinstalling the setup will help to fix the error. Remove the existing Norton setup and go for a fresh installation. Open Norton dashboard and run a system scan.

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