Using the Concept of Social Proof at the Front Desk

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Using the Concept of Social Proof at the Front Desk

You utilize many methods of selling your UPbook business’s services or products at the front desk. One that you may not have considered is the concept of social proof. Social proof involves the tendency of humans to do what other humans are doing—after all, we all want to feel connected in some way or another.

Let’s take a closer look at some concrete ways that your UPbook business can use social proof at the front desk.

The language that your front-desk staff uses is also effective for encouraging customers to take the actions you would like them to. Try having UPbook front-desk team members say something like “70 percent of our customers decide to upgrade to the premium package, would you be interested?” This makes customers feel that they’re part of the bigger group if they decide to upgrade, and that they’re being left out if they don’t.Your UPbook business’s front-desk staff can use social proof to encourage customers during each and every interaction, whether it’s in person or over the phone.


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