Using Blockchain Technology For The Space Industry
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Using Blockchain Technology For The Space Industry

In today’s faced-paced, multi-faceted and ever changing Space sector environment, blockchain technology and implementation is a perfect fit for moving in the future. Since blockchain is a trusted, public database of each and every transaction that are cryptographically secured fragments of data called “blocks” that are “chained” together to form a digital ledger of transactions, there is nothing but upside for development, strategy and policy for the entire Space industry. Also, the ‘ledger’ is decentralised as it removes the need for a central entity since the cryptographic, economic incentive mechanisms eliminates the need for third party trust. In other words, no middle agents to profit along the chain of delivery.

We at Dogeroid see many use cases for the Space industry: Space Financing, Space Asset Tokenisation, Space Industry Procurement, Manufacturing Supply Chain Management, Satellite Communication, Nano-Satellite development, Internet Telescope Access, Moon Mining, Sustainable Development, Educational Access, Research and Development Data Sharing and many other areas. It is a ripe field with a multitude of possibilities.

Beyond the traditional approach to space exploration, in which only the national space agencies planned space missions, in the recent era of “NewSpace” a number of private space companies are planning missions to asteroids, the Moon and Mars. Sparked by the development of companies such as SpaceX and Planetary Resources, and the rise in private investments and space competitions such as XPrize, space exploration is increasingly becoming a competitive affair.

Although there are plenty of applications of blockchain technologies across the space value chain, adoption rates have been slow. In regards to adoption by the public bodies, space agencies have been sceptical about the potential of blockchain and are pursuing a “wait-and-watch” approach as the industry aims to apply blockchain to their products and services. At the many same time there is now the beginning of joint ventures, shared data and isolated agencies and companies that are connecting with many different bodies, only Dogeroid and it’s Space Platform is creating and about to implement a worldwide blockchain for all groups and even individuals around the world to connect to. Dogeroid’s belief that the entire Space industry needs to be connected is the driving force behind its mission.

Dogeroid is building a multi-tier transversal and scalable blockchain that will connect all the actors in the space arena to work together in policy, strategy, planning and implementation so as to create a more communicative, cost effective, organized, energy efficient and mutual interest future for today and generations to come.

Since the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 (the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies) is the basis for Space Law, Dogeroid began with the concept that all planets, moons, asteroids and all other space bodies cannot be owned by any nation orcompany… ever. Also, by prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons and that all space bodies are to be used for peaceful purposes only, it created the foundation of a new paradigm of shared interests without propriety. Dogeroid adds the Space Platform to this same spirit that will be composed of national, private, academic, research and NGO players to share and combine data for everything that concerns space exploration, mining, settlements, recreation and Earth satellite monitoring.

With this in mind, Dogeroid puts financial interests and support at the forefront. In the past, under traditional systems of principled and altruistic projects, finance has played a solely supportive role. But without the ownership or intermediary equation, Dogeroid’s blockchain financing will be the worldwide organizer of project-based and large- scale initiatives so the collection and distribution of funds will be from tokens in the blockchain, advancing what we experienced in the last twenty years of globalized peer-to- peer networks along with credit and debt. By using financial currency from around the world to create one pool of resources for the Space Platform, a market cohesiveness can exist that supports every dimension of the Space Industry.

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