Unveiling The Role Of IoT In Healthcare During Covid 19

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The impact of IoT on the healthcare industry is gross compared to any other technology, due to its potential to automate hundreds of processes. Looking at forecasts, the global IoT in the healthcare market is expected to boom at the rate of 19.8% from $60.83 Billion in 2019 to $260.75 Billion by 2027.

Truly, the arrival of IoT in the healthcare market has revolutionized patient care practices by making them faster and improved, especially during Covid-19. Let’s understand the role of IoT in Healthcare during Covid-19 and how it is unleashing opportunities for healthcare enterprises.

The Rise Of Internet Of Things In Healthcare

Before the advent of the Internet of Things, patients were bound to visit doctors, and either connect via tele or text communications. Moreover, it was not possible for healthcare specialists to monitor the patient’s health continually and make a recommendation.

But, IoT brought in the ease of remote monitoring with the help of sensor-enabled devices that can transmit the health-related data of the patient to doctors and healthcare institutes to seek essential responses. It can increase patient engagement and satisfaction by improving the quality of care.

IoT-device enabling patient monitoring will also reduce the need for a hospital stay of the patient by preventing readmissions. It will automatically reduce the cost of treatment. Undoubtedly, IoT can radically transform the healthcare industry by reiterating patient’s interaction with healthcare providers and redefining healthcare space and devices.

Currently, every IoT development company is helping society to fight against the covid-19 by enabling a number of medical devices and products empowered with IoT. Wearable IoT devices such as smartwatches provide necessary information related to a person’s body such as blood sugar level, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and more.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, IoT has turned out a major breakthrough by enabling doctors remote monitoring. Let’s see other roles of the Internet of Things in the Healthcare industry during the pandemic period.

How Can IoT Redefine Healthcare During Covid-19 And Beyond?

Before diving into actual processes, you need to understand how the IoT works? Actually, IoT devices packed with smart sensors and algorithms in medical settings fight against the pandemic by making a close-knit connection of connected devices and applications via the cloud.

That’s the reason there is a great rivalry among healthcare enterprises to hire IoT developers to cater more futuristic solutions to people. Let’s take a look at major services that IoT will offer in the healthcare sector.

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