Uncovering Top 10 Finance App Ideas To Kickstart Your Fintech Startup

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Gone are the days when finance was an industry running over paper and pen, now it is tech-driven and changed the landscape by 180 degrees. Fintech, the conjuncture of finance and technology, is bringing in enormous ease and automation in finance activities.

From secure & faster transactions to banking on fingertips, technology has changed the face of finance. The global fintech market is expected to surpass $26.5 trillion in 2022. The advancement in this space is continuous, and the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the enhancement. 

With a wide range of opportunities to users, fintech has grown a hot topic among investors, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts. If you are thinking out loud about making a fortune with a fintech app idea, then you must be wondering what types of solutions you can develop. 

In this article, we will take a look at fintech app ideas that can open the gates of opportunities and success. So, stay hooked until the end of this write-up. 

Finance App Ideas To Invest & Begin A Startup In 2021 

Finance apps are becoming a handy tool among people, as they are finding ease in making payments, sending/receiving money, contactless payment, expense management, and more. Thus, having a fintech development & startup with a mind-blowing app idea can enable you to capture the market and allow you to achieve success in the meantime. 

Wondering what different types of finance apps you can launch to kickstart your startup business? Let's take a glance at them. 

#1. P2P Payment Apps 

There has been a huge influx in peer-to-peer money transfer practice in a recent couple of years. The growth graph of this market is booming at a constant pace and looking forward to developing a P2P money transfer application that can turn out the biggest hit. 

Indeed, the well-known applications of this space are Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and Google Play. However, there is still room for faster and secure applications. Actually, these applications have their own regional restrictions when it comes to money transfers. 

While providing consumers with incredible facilities between bank holders instantly, they are chopping the need for third-party intervention or paying the commission fee for the transactions. You can make the process more advanced and secure by infusing features like biometric technology, and voice-enabled transfer, and blockchain integration. 

Leaving everything aside, the P2P money transfer app is one of the best finance app ideas that enable people to make seamless and commission-free money transfers. For more clarity on the concept, you can connect with a finance software development company to guide your course. 

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