Uber Clone App: What Are The Features You Need To Have In Your Uber Like App?

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Uber clone apps are pretty familiar among all the young entrepreneurs and the entire on-demand business industry. Came into the market after the success of Uber taxi app, Uber clone app is just a ready-made script built to decrease the development time. However it does not resemble Uber as a business, instead uber clone is just a whitelabel app script built for startups and small businesses to start their own online business.

Seeing the great competition in the market, your uber clone app needs to have unique features that will offer more convenience to your customers. Don’t worry, in this article we will tell you about the advanced features that will ensure the success of your app like uber.

Easy Login

No one wants to share their personal information in the first go. Especially, if they are just trying to see what your app offers. Make it easy for your users to login, make sure to have social logins enabled in your uber clone app.

SOS Button

We have learned not to ride with strangers. But with the help of advanced GPS that allows real-time tracking and a simple SOS button you can assure your customers about how much you care for the safety and the security of your customers.

Geo Fencing

Another feature that will help you build trust with your customers and help them send their kids school using your cab. With Geo fencing features users can mark the boundaries, ensuring that the cab will not go outside the marked location.


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