Tricks to Buy the Best Selling Diamond Rings 

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Tricks to Buy the Best Selling Diamond Rings 

Be it a normal proposal, engagement, or wedding; diamonds are always at the top. There cannot be any better metal than diamonds to surprise your loved ones. There was no such difficulty in choosing the engagement rings back in time because there were fewer choices. 

But with each passing day, the choices increased, making it difficult for the people to choose the best for themselves. Moreover, due to the wide variety of metals these days, like rose gold, platinum, solitaire, and diamonds, it is hard to choose the best one as every metal is unique and is best in its terms. 

No matter what, diamonds always steal the heart of everyone out there. But these days, there are so many things to look for when buying the best selling diamond rings that have made it difficult for people to choose among them. As a result, here are some tricks to help you buy the best-selling diamond rings that would grab everyone's attention straight away. 


Tricks to buy the best selling diamond rings 


Learn about the 4cs of diamond 


If one thing with which one should not compromise, then that is the 4cs of a diamond. The 4cs of diamond stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat. All these are global standards for assessing the quality of diamonds. Moreover, these allow you to compare one diamond with another. As far as the color of the diamond is concerned, if it ranges from D to Z, it indicates the lack of color. Therefore, those diamonds which have less color in them are rare and have high worth. 


Diamond's clarity means that it should be free from all the inclusions, blemishes, and scratches. Depending upon the occasion, also choose the carat size of the diamond ring. It should not be too big and not too small. 


Pick the diamond shape 


You can lay your complete focus on the engagement ring if you know the diamond shape desired by your partner. There are different diamond shapes like round, pear, emerald, oval, and many others. And every shape has a different price. In terms of prices, the round-shaped diamond is the most expensive among all the diamond shapes. Consequently, the best thing would be to decide the shape in advance and get the diamond ring accordingly. 


Pick a metal for the ring 


Your choice of metal for the ring will have a significant role in the overall look of the ring. For several years, people have been selecting white gold and platinum due to the popularity. Moreover, both the metals exhibit a sleek and modern look. Both these metals will also be excellent choices for the diamonds graded in colorless to the near-colorless range. Some of the popular metal choices include platinum, rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver. 


Choose the setting of the ring 


A setting is what holds the diamond ring together. There are two purposes for the setting of the ring. It depicts the beauty of the ring and protects the ring from damage. There are different degrees of protection for different settings. Here are the three most popular diamond settings: 


Prong setting 


It takes four to six prongs to keep the diamond in place. In prong settings also, there are different variations like the cathedral setting. 


Bezel setting 


If you are looking forward to the bezel engagement ring setting, then there will be a thin metal strip to hold it in place. It will protect the center stone. 


Halo setting 


In halo engagement ring settings, tiny diamonds encircle the center stone. It will add the element of sparkle to the ring and make the stone look larger. 


Choose side stones 


One of the best ways to dress up an engagement ring is by choosing the side stones. The side stones add a touch of elegance to the ring and make the ring look sophisticated. The popular side stones include pave diamonds, channel diamonds, or colored gems. If you are also looking at the diamond center stones, always choose those that remain close to the center stone. 


See the sparkle and size of the diamond 


Whether the diamond sparkles or not depends on the clarity, color, and cut of the diamond. If you want to get the most sparkle out of the diamond, pick the GIA-certified diamond as the best and certified one. Also, the diamond ring will sparkle more if there will be more diamonds in it. As a result, it is best to choose the side stones to make the ring sparkle more. 


Choose the ring according to the style 


Usually, the engagement ring is such that you need to wear it daily. Due to this, one should always choose the ring according to the wearer's style and should keep his tastes aside. If you want to find out about her style, then observe her for some time. Keep a check on her like what kind of jewelry she prefers to wear and likes. The best you can do is to go shopping together. This is the best way to know her style and taste. If she has a refined look, then her style must be classic. 


If you find her romantic, then choose the heart-shaped diamond for her. It will raise her heartbeat. Also, the Edwardian-style engagement rings could be a rich source of inspiration with the bows and ribbons attached. 


Her ring size 


Another trick to grab the best-selling diamond ring is to know her ring size accurately. You can borrow one of her rings and trace it down to get an impression of it. This would be beneficial for the jeweler and will tell him the ring size of your beloved. Besides this, there are several other ways to determine her ring size, and you can make use of those also if you want. But do not ignore the ring size as it is the most crucial thing over here. 


Decide about the budget 


One should only spend what one thinks is appropriate as there are other things also to shop for in the wedding and not only the engagement ring. Back in time, people used to spend in excess to shop for the best engagement ring for their partners, but things have changed now. At present, one should only spend that much money on the ring, which is considered desirable after making all the comparisons mentioned above. 


Get it from a renowned jeweler 


Another thing to take care of is to shop for your engagement ring from a renowned jeweler. Buying an engagement ring is not a trivial thing as it costs you a lot. And these days, everyone is aware of the fraudulent practices by the jeweler, making it difficult to trust them. So the best thing would be to buy it from the renowned and reputed jeweler only as there is a huge risk involved otherwise. While doing this, check whether the jeweler is certified or not, as it will give you the worth of your money. 


Get a diamond grading report 


Insist your jeweler to give you a diamond grading report while purchasing the diamond ring from him. The report will eliminate the slightest uncertainty about the exact quality and features of the ring that will be already articulated in the report. In addition, any of the errors will be communicated to you by way of the diamond grading report. 




These are some of the tips which will for sure get you your dream best selling diamond rings for your lovely partners. Ensure that the ring should be unique and catchy to grab everyone's attention at once. 


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