Trending Personalized Bridesmaids Favors For Your BFF!

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Trending Personalized Bridesmaids Favors For Your BFF!

Well, let’s be honest that your friends have been your savior throughout your life, so why not show them some love with these amazing personalized bridesmaids favors! Let your girls know how much they mean to you and they surely deserve some credit for all the pains they took for you. 

Now, what to gift them is another task? But fret not, we have got some very classy personalized bridesmaids favors that you girls are surely gonna love. And these bridesmaids gifts can also be used in daily life so that it always reminds them of you! 

Bookmark These Personalized Bridesmaids Favors For Your BFF –

1. Personalized Passport Holders

This is such a thoughtful idea to gift your bridesmaids! Also, these passport holders look so cool!

2. Hangers & Bracelets

You know your BFF is loaded with clothes so why not gift her a personalized hanger? Don’t miss those gorgeous bracelets!

3. Unique Personalized Bridesmaids Favors 

We all are fans of fragrances and mists, so why not pamper your girls with some amazing bath salt and a personalized towel!

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4. Pouches For Bridesmaids!

Every girl has a lot of baggage to carry with her. So, we thought of gifting our pretty girlies these makeup kits or pouches with their names on it!

5. Compact Mirror!

These look so cute! Gift these personalized compact mirrors to your BFFs, you know she loves to adore herself.

6. Jewelry Pieces As Personalized Bridesmaids Favors

Pick a small piece of jewelry, maybe a necklace, ring, pendant or even bracelets. You can get the same for each bridesmaid or get it with their names on it.


7. How About A Personalized Box For Bridesmaids?

Get all the favorites of your BFF in one box and pair it with a scented candle! Prepare each box according to the preference of each bridesmaid.


8. Bridal Robe, Champagne & Bottle In One?

Get a customized robe, sipper bottle and champagne with each bridesmaid’s name on it.


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9. Travel Pillows As Favors?

This is such a unique idea for personalized bridesmaids favors and the cherry on top is how they have written names on each!


10. Personalized Totes

How about gifting your bridesmaids totes with their names on it. It will be so useful for them and will always remind them of you when they carry it!


11. Customized Nightwear For Bridesmaids!

Get customized nightwear with names of each bridesmaid written on it and it will be such a great idea for a photoshoot too.

Make sure you gift your girlfriends with the best, after all, they have tortured you and have handled your cold feet dramas! It’s time to pamper them with these amazing personalized bridesmaids favors that will make them love you even more! Start prepping for your bridesmaid’s gift too.

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