Top things to do in Verbier in summer
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Summer in Verbier? There is no better way than enjoying your summer vacation. You will be enthralled at just how much fun Verbier offers in the summer. Birds tweeting, the occasional sound of a mountain bike whizzing past, and cowbells clanging quietly in the distance, these are some of the sounds that visitors will hear when they sit on their balcony in Verbier, Switzerland during the summer season. Whenever we think of the Alps, we typically stereotype it as being a winter destination, but this gorgeous location in the Alps has so much to give during the summer season. Settled in the south of Switzerland, Verbier is an ideal mountain resort for a summer break. 


If you are a budget-savvy traveller, then make Aeroméxico Telefono to fly to the beautiful destination and maximize your savings. Here we have compiled a list of the things that you must do during your trip to Verbier in summer.


Learn the art of cheese making

The Val de Bagnes is well-renowned for the production of cheese where tomme and raclette cheese are hugely popular. There is a great opportunity to take an itinerary to watch the production and learn the techniques of cheese making. Raclette is half a 6 kg wheel of cheese. This cheese is put under the grill until it melts sufficiently and then it is poured into the guest's plate. Usually, raclette is served with 

pickles over potatoes. Visit La Marlenaz for the best kind of raclette. 


Enjoy outdoor activities

Visiting the Alps during the summer vacation is mostly focused on outdoor activities. The lush bright green valleys are showered in the sunshine and it makes a perfect view for nature lovers. If you are an adventure buff, then this is the chance for you to test if your adrenaline still functions or not. Enjoy hiking and biking and have a thrilling experience.



Verbier and the area of Val Bagnes have 500 km of walking trails in the valleys, mountains, and surrounding forests. For challenging climbs to gentle hikes, the destination offers a wide range of trials depending upon the level of your fitness. If you are travelling with your family and want to enjoy a simple family, then Bisse du Levron trail would be the perfect option for you. 



One of the most popular summer activities in Verbier is mountain biking. Verbier Bike Park offers 800 km of mountain roads and trails, which are suitable for enduro, downhill, and slightly simple E-biking. Take your bike into the heights and enjoy the awesome mountain scenery. If you are a rookie and don’t know how to do biking, then attend the introductory sessions and then try E-biking. 


Explore the nightlife of Verbier

Just because it is a mountain destination, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the nightlife here. This place beckons groups of friends due to the chilled vibe it offers. The Party scene of Verbier is very much alive and you can make the best memories with your friends here. Bars of Verbier are much more fun during the summer months. You can start with Milk Bar, which is one of the best bars in Verbier. Visitors can spend their entire evening here for a fun and lively experience.


Eat all the apricots

While in Verbier during the summer season, you are going to find apricot in some form. You can’t have a meal without an apricot in it. From abricotine (Swiss brandy, which is made from apricots)to apricot tart to fresh juices, you won’t have to make any extra efforts to search for apricot eating opportunities. Seasonal, fresh, and in abundance, you will find apricots wherever you go. When you see apricots in every meal you try, you are in peak Switzerland summer. Don’t forget to try some tarts as they are not made all equally. 


Experience Verbier festival

It is one of the biggest festivals and it helds outside a city. Featuring emerging and young performers to world-class classical musicians, this festival is one of the major attractions of Verbier in summer. It takes place between late July to early August. 


Summer is Verbier and is meant for fun and enjoyment. So what are you waiting for now? Make VivaAerobus teléfono and fly without burning a hole in your pocket.


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