Top Seven Tips for an Effective Case Study

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The case study and assignment you learn in college and university work as a base for the future projects you handle as a professional. When you write a case study, you write it for two primary reasons; firstly, to drive brand recognition and secondly, to provide more prominent customer exposure. However, when it comes to delivering these two simple intentions, strategies fall short. The following checklist will help you implement the strategy correctly. (Antiderivative Calculator, Probability Calculator, Inverse Function Calculator, Radius of Convergence Calculator)


Put the customer in the best light

You write a case study to show how your product can solve your customer's challenges. A problem cannot remain unsolved for perpetuity. Without a problem, your customer will not need to use the product.

However, divulging too many details about your customer’s challenges will negatively impact your study; your reader may develop a negative view of your customer. The focus may shift from the quality of your product towards the weakness and incompetency of your customer.


Explain clear reasons to solve your problem

In many case studies, the customers' problem is well defined but how the product solves them is unclear. When you mention solving specific issues in your case study, try to give clear examples of what problem is solved, how it is solved, and customers should choose your product to solve their problem.


Provide reasons why your company is the best 

In most case studies, you have to write about “why us”. Suppose you own a company called Procter And Gamble. Include information like why a customer experiencing a similar problem should use a product from your company. 

Explain your unique selling position. Emphasize this section of your case as it can bring the maximum customer. However, do not use the net present value of your company as your USP. Your customer only wants your product to resolve his challenges that others cannot.


Have a call to action

Try to be subtle with the call of action. Ending your case study with sentences like what are you waiting for? Take the best advantage of our special offer will make your case study ineffective and sound like a sales advertisement. Write about the companies abilities in your assignment that solves the customer challenges.


Use it as a sales tool

If a case study is written correctly, it can be a great sales tool. The case study will build the confidence of the product. However, if you write the case study for your company's internal use, make sure it motivates the employees to put more effort into their job.


The case study checklist mentioned above will help you drive brand recognition and provide more prominent customer exposure for your pitching product in your case study.


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