Top Places to Escape Winter in Alicante BY CAR

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Top Places to Escape Winter in Alicante BY CAR

What do you expect from winter? If you don’t like dull winter weather and gray skies you have a chance to escape to a sunnier place. Where to find sunny places in the winter season? Go to Spain! Two or three days are enough to relax and warm up. Don’t worry about money. You should go to Alicante on a budget for a short weekend. Here are many things to do in Alicante during a cold season. Here is how to enjoy this city in winter.

It is not a secret that Alicante is the most beautiful part of Costa Blanca. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. There are many smaller beach towns where you can get in half an hour to make the most from a beach vacation. Don’t forget to hire a car! You can hardly find a train or bus travelers. Cars are not expensive here and therefore, most wanted.

Things you can do in Alicante in winter

Alicante has a large airport where you can hire a car for your family. By the way, beach vacation is one of the most popular activities for family travelers. Big families and groups of friends like visiting such places at least once a season. Don’t worry about the number of travelers. 7 seater car hire in Alicante airport will help to find the most convenient car where you have enough space for luggage and passengers. Of course, you have to think of all those things you may need on the beach!

Even if you didn’t plan anything special for the weekend, you’ll find much to do in Alicante. How about relax and walk along the beach?  Don’t stop and you’ll reach the old castle and try some good food. It sounds great! So, where to start?

1. Start with Mercado Central

Leave your car at the hotel parking and go to a walk around the evening town. You will never miss the central market hall. Here, you can buy any food you wish to. The atmosphere is friendly and you have a chance to taste something really special. How about arranging a beach picnic? 

2. Have a walk to Santa Barbara Castle

If you have finished your breakfast you can use your hired car and continue a trip to the Santa Barbara castle. You need to climb up a cliff to get there. Actually, it is the oldest and the most popular attraction in this area. Do you like hiking? This place is right for you! You will meet locals and see their cozy and hospitable houses on your way to the top. You will be amazed by their painted roves, flowers, gardens. The view from the mountain is really stunning and will surely catch your breath.

3. Drive along the Promenade Explanada de Espana

There is one more place that you can reach from the town. Do you know where you can take the most beautiful pictures of Alicante? Go to the harbor! This is a popular place to meet with friends, walk around, visit some shops and cafes.

4. Go shopping

Alicante is a quiet city. If you suddenly feel like you are a bit bored from the beaches, walks, and quietness, you can jump in your hired car and check the shops around. In case you are tired from running from shop to shop, take a break, and have a snack at the El Corte Ingles food court. What would you like? You can try local wines, coffee, and buy something for souvenirs. The prices here are lower than somewhere in the city shops and malls. 

When you go to Spain, you need to hire a car. Traveling in the company of friends, relatives, you can even hire a 7-seater to take the most comfort of your trip. It’s rather exhausting to fit all the people in one car. That’s why it is recommended to hire a larger car with enough space for luggage. So, the transportation problem is sold and you can easily switch your attention to planning your trip, visiting tourist attractions, walking areas. By the way, don’t forget to visit the local castle!


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