Top 9 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India for Men and Women (2021) Buying Guide & Review

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Top 9 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India for Men and Women (2021) Buying Guide & Review

The one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us is that you can ignore anything in this world but not your health.

If your immune system is good, then the chances are that you and your loved ones will live a longer, healthier life, which is free from diseases.

That is the reason the demand for the best Multivitamin tablets in India is increasing day by day.

Multivitamins help you to boost your immunity by providing you the right amount of vitamins and minerals which you generally not get from your diet.

We have also done the hard work of finding the best Multivitamin tablets for men and women in India.

So, have a look:

List of Top 9 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India:

   1. Carbamide Forte Multivitamins for Men & Women with 34 Ingredients

The first one on our list is the Carbamide forte multivitamins tablets for both men and women.

This will give you a stronger, healthier, and energized feeling as these potent multivitamin tables are rich in super anti-oxidants, which also have a vigor and vitality blend that boosts your body system under stress and strains of daily life.

It has a pre and probiotic blend which supports smooth digestion and higher absorption of consumed food.

These multivitamin tablets come with a combination of 34 ingredients in 7 vital blends such as vitamins, mineral, extracts and antioxidants that helps you to achieve 100% RDA of most vitamins and minerals.

The added phosphorus, potassium, and Vit. D is added as a superior bone and joint blend.


Vegetarian product

Good for both men and women

Made from 34 vitamins, minerals, and extracts.

The size of the tablet is easy to consume.

Comes in a 6-month pack of 180 tablets as 1 tablet a day is enough.


These tablets have iron in them which is not considered safe for daily intake for some.

Some people might effect mild side effects such as stomach upset and burning sensation.

Contains class 2 preservatives.

   2. Neuherb True vitamin

The next best multivitamin tablet in India is the Neuherb True Vitamin contains iodine, zinc, Vit. C, Vit. D, Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Coenzyme Q-10, Lutein and Choline for men and women.

This is a highly potent 3 in 1 formula of vitamins, minerals, and complimentary herbs which is effective in complete wellness. These tablets revitalize energy, stamina, brain, eye, skin, and bone health.

It is free from harmful additives and common allergens. The tablets come in a 60 tablet packaging and a team of personalized neuherbs experts assist in making smart picks for unique health needs.


Vegetarian product.

Contains multiple herbal products which are rich in multivitamins.

Multicare health benefits.

Personalized assistance from Neuherb experts making smart picks for unique health needs.


Each tablet will cost you around 10 rupees which can be a costly affair for some in the long run.

   3. Supradyn Multivitamins tablets with minerals and trace elements

Supradyn multivitamin tablets help improve your metabolism and boost your immunity by providing you 11 essential vitamins including Vit. C, 5 minerals, and 4 trace elements.

The presence of Vit. C enhances wound healing, improved immunity, and helps in the absorption of iron whereas the Vit. D3 preserves bone health and enhances immunity and energy levels.

It also contains Vit. B complex which enhances the immune system and metabolism. Supradyn also contains minerals like calcium which is important in maintaining healthy bones.


Suitable for men, women, and the elderly.

Elevates mood and energy levels.

Help preserve bone health.

Contains a mix of trace elements such as copper, zinc, molybdenum, and boron along with vitamins and minerals.

The price of a single tablet comes to be around Rs 4.68 which is quite affordable for long-term usage.


Some people have noticed mild side effects.


Zincovit tablets are very famous multivitamin tablets that are also prescribed by medical professionals.

Zincovit contains grape seed extract, Vit. C, Vit. B3, Vit E, Zinc, Magnesium, Vit. B5 and Vit. B2.

These tablets also contain other essential vitamins such as B1, B6 A, Manganese, Biotin, Folic Acid, Iodine, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, Vit D3, and Vit B12.


Vegetarian product.

Recommended by professionals.

Contains all essential minerals and vitamins.

Doctors are even prescribing it for Covid-19 recovery.


The cost per tablet is high.

   5. Healthvit Cenvitan Men Multivitamin & Multimineral with 24 Nutrients

Cenvitan men is a multivitamin tablet made especially for men. It has over 24 key nutrients which are important to fill dietary gaps such as multivitamins and minerals with 24 nutrients, anti-oxidants, metabolism, and immunity booster.

It contains an advanced multivitamin complex that may help increase energy and stamina levels and immune systems, improve vision, and much more.

B vitamins and iron support daily energy needs and accelerate energy levels naturally. B-vitamins also aid in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins and helps you to lose muscle mass with age which slows down your metabolism.


Vegetarian product.

Sold in more than 5 countries.

Best multivitamin tablet specially designed for men.


Some users have reported having an upset stomach after first-time use.

   6. HealthKart Omega Fish Oil + Multivitamin for Men & Women

Healthkart is famous for its omega fish oil and multivitamin tablets for men and women where each 1000 mg is enriched with 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA extracted from cold water fishes (sardines).

Ultra-pure and refined omega 3 healthkart fish oil is processed via molecular distillation to remove heavy metals such as mercury.

It has an anti-reflux formula that ensures better absorption of essential fatty acids and has no fishy aftertaste.


These capsules contain EPA and DHA extracted from Sardines fishes.

No fishy after taste.

Regular intake of Omega 3 oil helps in controlling levels of bad fat in the body and improves joint flexibility, mobility and may help in boosting brain and eye health.

Many users have reported a great change in lifestyle, body, hair skin, and much more.


A non-vegetarian product so not suitable for many vegetarians.

   7. Amway Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin and Multimineral Tablet

Amway products are quite effective and everyone who has at some point in life tried to have natural health care products must have heard the name of Amway in their life.

These are multivitamin and multimineral tablets which are quite effective in providing you the deficit minerals from your diet.

It comes in a packaging of 120 tablets.


Fulfills are the multivitamin deficit problems.

Makes you feel energetic again.

Does not have any side effects.


A bit expensive.

The barcode at the bottom is scratched because Amway does not support direct selling, which raises the concern for authenticity but it’s not.

   8.  TrueBasics Multivit Daily, Multivitamin For Men and Women


TrueBasic multivitamin tablets for men and women contain zinc, Vit. C, D, B12, and multi-minerals. 

The 100% RDA of all essential vitamins and minerals along with specific blends support an active lifestyle by improving energy and immunity.

The antioxidant blend helps tackle free radical damage to enhance immunity against diseases and activity of certain enzymes that involve the detoxification of toxic substances.

Brain blend of TrueBasics helps in building focus and decreases age-related decline in brain function.


Good for both men and women.

3 blends of antioxidants, immunity, and brain help in an enhanced lifestyle.

Helps you to keep energized all day.

TrueBasic is a trusted brand when it comes to health care products.


A bit expensive.

   9. Carbamide Forte Plant-Based Multivitamin Tablets for Men & Women


This multivitamin tablet from Carbamide forte is a plant-based multivitamin formula that is made for both men and women which enhances your immunity, energy, and detoxification due to the presence of 82 ingredients such as superfood, greens, vegetable, fruits, and herbal supplement.

It is India’s first plant-based multivitamin that meets 100% of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals along with filling gaps in your nutrition with veggies, greens, and herbs.

These multivitamins protect you from free radicals damage.


India’s first plant-based multivitamin tablets.

82 ingredients and 12 herbs within 1 single tablet.

Boost your immunity at a cellular level.

Vegetarian product.


The taste is not so good.̣

Final thoughts:

Although you have to choose the multivitamin tablets according to your lifestyle, age, gender, and deficiency, if we have to choose one best multivitamin tablet in India then you should go with HealthKart Omega fish oil and multivitamin as it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals and is suitable for all genders and age groups and the results are also great.

For further clearance, you can go through our quick buying guide below.

Things you need to consider before buying the best Multivitamin tablets in India:


If you are taking multivitamins regularly then you should look for activated forms of nutrients avoiding additives and fillers. You should also avoid multivitamins with additives and fillers, synthetic folic acid, and look for multivitamins with Vitamin E complex.

Avoid buying multivitamins whose formulas contain both iron and calcium.

Certification of authenticity

Certification for government organizations such as FDA, FSSAI, ISO, and so on gives the guarantee that the multivitamins which you are consuming are free from any adulterants and may result in the development of chronic illness if you consume them for long terms.

Your Age and Gender

It is advised that you should talk to a nutritionist or a dietician who can guide you on the number of multivitamins and supplements you need to take according to your lifestyle, age, and gender.

Size of pack

The size of the pack should be big enough to last for at least one month. Now every person has different vitamin needs. Some take it twice a day and others take it once in two days.

So to order the correct pack size, you need to calculate your intake first then only order it.

The average pack of a good multivitamin tablet contains 60 tablets which could be more or less depending upon the brand, usage, size, dosage, and many other factors.


Eating too much of a good thing can also be bad for your health. That is why we would advise you to talk to a dietician first then accordingly take the multivitamins.

If you are not sure how much you should consume or you do not feel the need to consult a dietician or nutritionist then taking 1 tablet per day would be a safe bet.


There are a lot of brands available when it comes to multivitamin tables. Some have their benefits as well as side effects.

In order to select the best multivitamin tablet in India, you should look for their online reviews and select the ones which you find the best and meet your requirements.


Consuming multivitamins does not mean that you will take them for a month or so and you will start to feel the effects. 

This is a completely wrong approach. For a multivitamin tablet to work and keep you healthy you should be kept on taking it on a regular basis.

That is why you should select a multivitamin tablet that you can afford in the long run so that you have already your budget set according to the expenditure including the multivitamin tablets.


There are a lot of good brands which are certified and have good reviews and low side effects.

Some of the best multivitamin tablets brands in India are:







Health Cart


TrueBasics, Etc


Which multivitamins do these tablets contain?

Multivitamin tablets contain a balance of water and fat-soluble vitamins such as

Vit. A

Vit. B Complex

Vit. C 

Vit. D

Vit. E

Vit. K


Folic Acid

Every vitamin has a different function in our body and sometimes a normal meal is not enough for our bodies to procure all of them in the required quantities.

If you have any special requirements then look for the particular ingredient of vitamins in that tablet.

That is why we need to take the best multivitamin tablet in India for better health.

What are the benefits of multivitamin tablets?

Multivitamin tablets provide you a balance in your diet. They give you the right amount of mixture of vitamins and minerals 

Taking multivitamins on a regular basis increases the metabolism of your body and allows you to have stress-free sleep and a good immune system.

After taking multivitamins for a period of time you will yourself feel the difference that you will start to feel more energetic, less dull, and healthier as well.

Other benefits include:

Slows down the aging process

Correct nutritional deficiencies

Increases energy levels

Boosts Immunity

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Regular usage works as a detox agent

Improves brain fuctioning

Who should take multivitamins?

Generally, multivitamins do not have any serious side effects. So anyone who wants a complete diet can have multivitamins tablets. 

Multivitamins are essential for everyone but for people for certain profession, habits, or age group which require specific vitamins such as:



Old people

Pregnant or lactating women


What are the side effects of multivitamin tablets?

Although a normal intake is not a worrisome issue it is advisable to consult a dietician or nutritionist first in order to avoid any complications. Excess of everything is bad and can cause some serious side effects on your body.

Some of the common examples of multivitamin tablet side effects are:

Taking too many tablets of multivitamins can cause digestion-related issues and can lead to diarrhea and other stomach-related issues.

If you smoke too much then consulting a doctor would be a good idea before taking multivitamins as Vit. A and Beta Carotene can increase the chances of lung cancer in smokers.

Taking Vit. A and Vit. C in excess can result in birth-related problems.

Some people can have allergic relations to multivitamin tablets such as itching, rashes, breathing problems, etc.

These side effects are generally short-term and stop once you stop the intake of multivitamin tablets, but if you still face these problems then you should seek some medical help.

When should you take a multivitamin?

Every vitamin has its own properties and that is why some are effective when taken empty stomach while others work better after a meal.

With proper consultation, it is okay to take multivitamins daily. However, it is advisable not to take multivitamins during nighttime as that time our digestion process slows down during sleep.

How to take a multivitamin tablet?

Different multivitamin tablets have different effects taken at different times.

For Water-soluble multivitamin tablets, it is best to have them on an empty stomach, on the contrary, fat-soluble multivitamins are best if taken after a meal.

Try to avoid taking multivitamins with milk as it has already calcium in it which makes it harder to digest the multivitamins.

Final thoughts:

Multivitamins have become beneficial for our bodies and help us in boosting immunity and improving metabolism.

Multivitamin tablets support different functions of our body and fulfill the nutritional deficiencies in our bodies.

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