Top 8 Inspiring IoT Development Trends In 2021

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Top 8 Inspiring IoT Development Trends In 2021

The Internet of Things is a hot topic in all domains. A majority of the population is yet to understand IoT at a basic level and you might be wondering… there are further emerging trends? I understand… the title must have startled you. But what is predictable about technology is, it keeps evolving at a fast pace!

Before delving into the trends for 2021, let us understand IoT, first. Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a system of inter-related devices that serve the purpose of connecting and transferring data to other devices and systems over the internet. 

IoT is important because a device/an object that can digitally represent itself, becomes bigger than itself. The object relates to its user, connects with the surrounding objects and database as well. 

Let’s talk about the trends!
Without much ado, let’s get straight to the point and do the trendy talking already! Following are some of the most inspiring uses of the Internet of Things. Let’s get to know them better!

In Health sector
The Internet of Things is not new to the healthcare industry. It has found use here; plus, the health sector has now adopted various wearables, tracking devices, sensors and indoor navigation technology, to be able to provide the best of healthcare facilities.

Sensors and health monitors are highly likely to be used while monitoring the recovery of patients, in the future. Consequently, the internet of things will build smart structures for healthcare facilities, along with saving costs and generating revenue!

The pandemic brought digital and remote healthcare to the forefront. Assistive surgeries also have become a reality now. The willingness for furthering the research and development related to IoT is increasing, as a result. From telemedicine to paediatric and geriatric care, IoT can prove to be highly effective everywhere, or so it seems!

In Data Analytics
If you consider the internet of things to be just about monitoring behaviours and providing data, drop that thought now. It isn’t just that. It is also about speedily processing that data and giving advice or taking actions based on the findings.
Basically, the partnership of AI and ML technologies with the Internet of Things enables processing the data, in a quick manner! As a result, this technology is the most desirable to consumers.
Data analytics lets users choose from different trends and patterns of information that is collected by their smart devices. This becomes possible because the Internet of Things leverages data analytics to produce and process the data.


In Defence sector
Internet of things has strong applications in the defence sector. Connecting planes, tanks, drones, ship, etc. along with operating bases in a cohesive network, produces large amount of data.
A term many are unfamiliar with is IoT, which stands for Internet of Battlefield Things. This involves realising to the fullest about pervasive computing, pervasive communication, pervasive sensing, etc. This leads to the production of information by network sensors and computers at an unparalleled level!
IoT also involves computing and sensing devices worn by soldiers. These devices can be embedded anywhere – in their combat suits, helmets, weapons, etc. The IoT devices, in the future, may also be able to collect operational context data which can further help the troops.

Robust security infrastructure!
Security is the need of the hour, with mischievous elements, like hackers always on the lookout for causing trouble. Internet of Things is expected to focus on facing security challenges that are complex in nature; and it is expected to come out with solutions to develop a more safe and robust security infrastructure.
There is a dire need for security systems as connected devices are more prone to cyber-attacks. Therefore, network operators need to be extra cautious of the intruders and provide a strong and secure interface to the users. Hence, security in this regard is one of the latest trends.

Blockchain has emerged as a superhero and a more reliable option to ensure data protection. It has unique capabilities and offers amazing benefits. As blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology, it can potentially help address some of the biggest challenges related to security and scalability, with regards to IoT.
It can be used by a community of users to share and/or record information in a secure way! Plus, there are three key benefits of using blockchain for IoT:
- It helps reduce costs,
- It builds trust between parties and devices, hence reducing the chances of tampering
- It accelerates transactions, by reducing settlement time period.

Smart cities
As the name suggests ‘smart cities,’ are expected to make life easier and incorporate smarter ways of living, working and improving the environmental, financial, social and cultural facades of urban life.
Smart cities also involve connecting parking meters, traffic light etc. with IoT technology. such methods are in their initial phase and because of their potential, they are being adopted by several governments across the globe. 

Smart home craze
Wondering what are these smart homes? Places laced with the latest technologies interconnected by AI, AR, VR, IoT, etc.
Not everyone lives in smart homes presently, but the number of such people is to increase in the immediate future. The buzz, smart devices have created is unmatchable! The ever-evolving and changing needs of consumers for convenience, security, etc. are bound to increase the number of users choosing smart devices for their living spaces!

Predictive maintenance
Allow me to explain what predictive maintenance actually is. Put simply, it is a machine maintenance approach and it relies on data analysis tools and techniques. It helps in detecting anomalies in your processes, equipment and operations. It enables you to fix these issues before they turn into an ‘out-of-hand’ problem, that requires a lot of money to be mended. Be mindful, it is different from reactive maintenance, which involves repairing after a failure has occurred.

Few final words…

The trends’ list discussed above isn’t exhaustive. There are so many more! The ones I briefed you about, are amongst the trendiest. No matter how much we claim to know and understand about the Internet of Things, we can’t know it all. For two simple reasons; first, it is an evolving technology and second, the existing technology (IoT) also requires an in-depth study, analysis and understanding. Internet of Things is a relatively new subject for organisations, businesses and people in general. Hence, there is a lot of buzz around it and evidently, it is not going to settle any time soon. By that, I mean for the coming several years! Therefore, I decided to share a few wonderful IoT development trends in 2021.

Incorporating the latest technologies to upgrade your business sounds promising, but the betterment comes with a few underlying challenges. Connect with a competent web solutions and app development company to know the pros and cons better, to weigh them in and decide the best for your venture.


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