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Top 8 best free photo editors Software

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Top 8 best free photo editors Software

Nowadays, everyone likes to click photos and click on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform. Do you want to make your photo the best as much as possible? Then this is the right place for you. Below I give you lots of options to select the best photo editor software.

Using free software makes your photos best. So many times need to edit your pics for your various personal or provisional use but, you are still confused about where you edit cut filter your photo. In this article, you will get all information about photo editors.

Let us see all the helpful information. I a 100% sure that when you read the whole article you will select your best photo editing software. 

What is photo editor software?

Photo editor is an online application where you edit filters create crop resize and much more. By using any photo editor makes your photo best perfect and beautiful.

Using any type of software have to be confident and excited because. In starting, you will get little problem with any software. But when you learn how to handle software you will become a master in a photo editor.


GIMP is the first and best software in the world. Lots of software is available on various platforms. But all around GIMP is the most used and best software as compared to any other software.

This tool has lots of features that is layers, masks, curves, and levels. You will edit your photo smoothly and perfectly. It is open-source software and GIMP has a huge collection of plugins.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

It is also one of the best editing tools for photo editing. It is a browser-based latest version of the company's world-leading photo editing, software used by millions of users. This supports images only in JPG format that are below 16MB. Adobe Photoshop is a flash-based tool. Adobe is a most top rank company in the world, but all products are not free you have to pay for them. Use Adobe Zii Patcher to enjoy all adobe products without any money. This is also one of the favorite applications use by users. You have to try it, just in one click you can use any adobe product.

3. Pixlr X

It is one of my favorite tools as compared to any other tool. I personally used this tool for my work. You may also try it. It is much simple and perfect tool for all types of people. For many years this tool is the top tool in the world. It is fully designed for a modern browser you will get the topmost feature in it. With pixlr, you will simply change color, shapes and blur images, and much more.

4. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

If you need fast photo editor software then this software is best for you.

It has a clean interface and perfect design. By using this software will save your most important time. Just in one second, you can edit your photo. There is a loss of the option you will get in it. This most used software used by student and their parents. You may also try this application if you want to save time.

5. Canva

Convo is the best photo editor tool and it runs in various browsers. It gives you a world-class photo editing experience. If you are a social media lover and post your photo daily? then this software helps you to makes your photo best for millions of likes. If you want too polished online presence then this is the most suitable tool for you.

6. Fotor

This is also the best free editor tool for editing quickly. You just have to retouch the edit area you will get a result and shine in your photo. All types of generations used this tool for their use. You will get a foolproof image in it. This much a Simple and most used tool by college students. You can basically alter your own curves and levels, too, but without the complexity of high-end tools.

7. Paint.NET

This is also one of the better options for you. It is so simple and attracts you with a feature. This tool is easy to operate. This is a cheap of od Microsoft ultra. This is a proper photo editing app in the world

More is not, believe it or not, always better. This is only better day by day. Paint.NET's simplicity is one of its main best points it's a quick, easy-to-operate free photo editor. That's ideal for various tasks that don't necessarily justify the sheer power of tools like GIMP.

8. PiZap

This is online photo editor PiZap is available in together HTML5 and Flash editions, making it best for any device. You can select to work with a photo from your hard drive, Facebook, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Search, or a catalog of stock images.

This is an impressive choice, though some of the stock images are only available to premium subscribers, and you'll need to watch out for copyright issues if you use a pic straight from Google Images.

piZap’s editing interface has a dark, modern design that makes heavy use of sliders for quick adjustments – a system that works much better than tricky icons and drop-down menus if you’re using a touchscreen device. 

When you’re done, you can share your creation on all the biggest social media networks, as well as piZap’s own servers, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Alternatively, you can save it to your hard drive, send it via email, or grab an embed code. You can only export your work in high quality if you’ve opened your wallet for the premium editor, but for silly social sharing, that’s unlikely to be a problem.

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