Top 10 challenges Faced by an Organization in ERP Implementation

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Top 10 challenges Faced by an Organization in ERP Implementation

The day e-businesses have started to rise and businesses are following the paths to be more productive, ERP systems have started gaining an immense amount of interest from entrepreneurs.

An ERP system lets an organization to establish a completely synchronized configuration that connects all the business processes together.

It enables an enterprise in gaining an advantage over competitors by saving resources and responding to an ever-changing business environment.


But, there are some challenges that one needs to take into account before implementing an ERP system. Let us take a look at these challenges in ERP implementation.

ERP Vendors

In this competitive environment, the selection of the perfect product is necessary to achieve productivity gains. There are over 500 ERP applications in the market. While selecting the perfect ERP application for a business, one should know the vendor’s previous projects, industry vertical and experience.


Commitment From The Top Management

Senior managers play a crucial role in any ERP implementation. Their involvement is extremely necessary for the success of a project. Any form of ignorance may cause ineffective decisions and delayed operations.


Adequate Training

After the implementation of an ERP system, resentment from employees is common. This could heavily degrade the productivity of processes. Special training and motivation before the implementation are very helpful. This would give the teams,  some time to get familiar with the software.


Implementation Time

Many companies don’t realize the time consumption of an ERP implementation process. An ERP system is implemented step by step and because it is very standard, it needs to be designed to a particular business, to handle the processes just the way the company needs them.


Proper Project Management

Companies who want to implement the ERP system, need to assign their best employees for successful implementation. Generally, companies appoint external help as well but internal employees are preferred.


Implementation Cost

The entire cost of an ERP implementation is much greater than the initial costs. The total cost depends on the customization cost. Greater the customization, higher will be the final implementation cost.


Employee Retention

It’s been observed that despite of training, many employees leave the organization after the implementation of ERP system. This can immensely affect the growth rate of a company.

Sufficient Testing

Testing of ERP system doesn’t mean whether it’s working smoothly or not, but to be delighted by it’s performance and to see whether it’s up to your needs. Insufficient testing of the system can attract costly unplanned updating...Read more

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