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Dr. Reckeweg Thuja 200 CH Occ Dilution

Dr Reckeweg and Co


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Item Highlights

Assists with giving help if there should arise an occurrence of Rheumatic, Arthritic torments, and persistent migraines

Works with help in the event of moles, spots, growing, and emissions on the skin

Assists with defeating heartburn, absence of craving, and clogging

Valuable if there should arise an occurrence of urinary problems

Data about Dr. Reckeweg Thuja 200 CH Occ Dilution

Dr. Reckeweg Thuja Occ Dilution is a powerful solution for acquire alleviation from rheumatic and ligament torments. It alleviates torment during the bones and joints. It is likewise valuable in the therapy of moles, spots, growing and ejections on the skin, and constant cerebral pains.

Key Ingredients:

Thuja Occidentalis

Key Benefits:

It is essentially utilized for the treatment of rheumatic and ligament torments

Exceptionally valuable in treating issues identified with sunstroke and expanding on the skin joined by difficult ejections

It is likewise helpful in treating symptoms of inoculation on the skin of youngsters

It’s anything but a powerful cure in the treatment of excruciating migraine

It utilizes likewise incorporates treatment of stomach gives that causes acid reflux and loss of craving

Gives compelling help from blockage

It likewise adjusts urinary issues like over the top inclination to pee and excruciating pee

Headings For Use:

Take 10 drops of Dilution fifty-fifty cup of water threefold every day or as coordinated by the doctor

Security Information:

Peruse the mark cautiously before use

Try not to surpass the suggested portion

Keep out of the compass of youngsters

Use under clinical watch

Store Thuja 200 in a cool dry spot away from direct daylight and warmth

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